December 1, 2022

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We have previously discussed the motivation, design, and vision of MetaSol in our introductory blog. While we had the core program for MetaSol and a working demo, it was not open for everyone to try. We’re excited to inform you that we now have a beta version live on Solana devnet.

Anyone can use the app and send SPL tokens to anyone without holding SOL in their wallet. The transaction fee is paid by the “relayer”. The relayer has to hold SOL in its wallet. A small fee is deducted from the sender for compensating the relayer for its services. This fee is transferred to the relayer. Since the transaction cost on the Solana network is very less so the transaction fee that the sender has to pay is less even if we have good incentives for the relayers in the form of a relay fee.


We had discussed the flow for the sender and relayer in our previous blog but we did not cover the network architecture. In this release, we have a single relayer architecture. The relayer service is an HTTP server for processing partially signed transaction requests and sending the transaction on the Solana network.

Currently, there is only one relayer run by the team itself, but we plan to release the architecture for the multi-relayer network in the future. The multi-relayer network will allow anyone to join the network by staking the native network tokens and executing transactions. We’re also planning to release more details on tokenomics soon.

Steps for using the app:

  1. Go to and click the Launch APP button
  2. Click connect wallet button on the App.
  3. Setup the sollet wallet and save the seed for future usage.
  4. Choose the token in select a token dropdown, It will ask you to create a token wallet. After the successful creation of the wallet, you will receive 1 MetaSPL token on Devnet.
  5. Fill in the token receiver address and amount. Use the below address for testing if you don’t have any receiver address.

Note: Make sure the receiver has a MetaSPL wallet. You can create a new wallet using the MetaSol interface.

  1. Click Submit button and wait for transaction execution.
    You will receive a link of the solana explorerwhere you can track the transfer status. Upon successful transfer, your balance will get updated automatically.

Note: For more devnet MetaSPL tokens, you can reach out to us via Discord.


Here is the recorded demo for using the app.

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