August 17, 2022

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Oct 9 · 2 min read

There is something inherently refreshing about the start of a new month, but September demonstrated the energy and motivation to our team as we focused on the development of O3 Swap V2. Furthermore, the preparatory work for the HackerPunks NFTs, our Aribitrum launch, and the O3 Wallet Version 2 encapsulated the month. As look forward to the future in Q4 and beyond, the work we’ve done in September to be crucial to the goals in our roadmap even if many of the releases and the fruits of our labors are realized in October.

So What’s New?

O3 Swap

O3 Wallet

Latest Version

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Starting from 27th September, a series of new functionalities and product highlights of O3 Swap V2 were introduced and released on Twitter. O3 Swap V2 is a cross-chain DEX protocol for Ethereum layer 1 and layer 2 and layer 2 and layer 2 transactions. Meanwhile, O3 Swap V1 will run parallel to V2 to continue serving separate user scenarios. Keep an eye on our updates!

On 18th September, O3 Swap HackerPunks were first revealed with a mosaic picture on Twitter, triggering guesses and comments among followers and community members. We appreciate the creative thoughts and valuable advice given by our followers. HackerPunks is a limited edition collection of unique O3 NFTs that commemorate the largest WhiteHatHack in cryptocurrency history, which will be launched on October 10th.

The 🍨Ice Age Mining #4 came to an end after the deployment of Polygon ended on the 19,805,764th Polygon block.


September 22th O3 Live | NeoN3 AMA on the N3 Migration

September 20th O3 Live | Updates & Future Roadmap on the Polygon Network


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🙌🏻Stay tuned to October!

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