March 21, 2023

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For centuries, feuds over the chronology of Genopet vs. Egg have spread throughout the Genoverse. And today, the answer has made its way to the human world.

(That’s actually a fallacy because the Genoverse doesn’t abide by the same concept of time as we do because it doesn’t physically exist within our space-time, and you already know that, but for the sake of drama…) *Takes Breath*

Genopets is incredibly proud to present the success of our extradimensional re-materialization efforts. Behold — the first creation of the Genoverse — the Genesis Genopet Egg NFT.

TL;DR — A Genopet Egg NFT is your ticket to be one of the first 1000 players to mint in the Genesis Genopet NFT Drop. By holding a Genopet Egg and enough SOL in your wallet, you will be able to claim a one-of-a-kind pre-evolved Genesis Genopet NFT before anyone else in the world. However, if you don’t mint within 7 days of the drop, you will lose your chance to mint. If you missed getting an Egg in the drop they’re on and solanart for now, more places soon…

The Full Eggsplanation

OK, enough yolks. I know some of you are probably wondering the same question:

“This mechanical yet subtly organic specimen of an NFT is indeed a wondrous sight. But, what ever does it do? There can’t possibly be more to it,” as you touch your cheek in pleasant disbelief. Well, I am here to tell you that even if you aren’t touching your cheek in pleasant disbelief and you just think they look really cool, there is more!

When the Genesis Genopet NFT drop goes live, it’s no surprise that space will be limited. This is an NFT drop on Solana, after all. Like all drops, there will be a whitelist, but not just any whitelist; this list is composed of Genopet Egg NFT holders ready to hatch and mint their Genopet.

By obtaining a Genopet Egg NFT, you will secure your place as one of the first 1000 players to mint an exclusive pre-evolved Genesis Genopet, the first of them all. Now, as it’s common for genesis NFT drops to have a set price, Metaplex’s Fair Launch Protocol makes it so that in the deliberation of our player-controlled market model — you — the community will set the minting price. We’re honored to start contributing to Metaplex and are excited to see more Fair Launch drops in the Solana ecosystem.

Egg holders will be guaranteed to mint a Genesis Genopet at a flat price of ~0.8 SOL (the exact amount to be determined closer to the launch depending on SOL’s value). Now, I’m not your financial advisor, but here’s why you’ll want to prepare:

This Part Is Important

Suppose you become one of the lucky owners of a Genopet Egg NFT. You have a few options:

You could hold on to it until the drop, have SOL in your wallet ready to mint with, and show up at the right place and time to claim that sweet, sweet Genesis Genopet.

However, suppose, somewhere along the line, you decide you can’t meet the criteria, or you’d rather share the wealth with someone more befitting of the Genoverse. In that case, you could choose to list your Genopet Egg on a marketplace. Genopet Eggs are currently listed on and will be in more places soon. It is, above all, an NFT…

But what happens if you forget you have an Egg, or you fall into a deep sleep and miss the day of the drop?

Once the Genesis Genopet drop goes live, you will have 7 days to mint your Genopet Egg NFT. If you miss the deadline, you will lose your chance to mint, and your Genopet Egg NFT will be rendered un-hatchable — or, as we say — scrambled. (But yes, you can still keep it if you like your eggs that way.)

​​Frequently Asked Questions in the Community

First of all, Join our Discord if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for… (that’s where all the action is)

Will there be a Genesis Genopet Drop? When is it?

Yes, there will be a Genesis Genopets NFT Launch in mid-November, the exact date to be announced later this month.

What are Genesis Genopets?

They are pre-evolved stage 4 pets that will come with a glowing Genesis mark. This is a one-time event in the life of our project. Never again will any pets bear the Genesis mark in our game.

How many Genesis Genopets will there be?

We have decided to launch with 3333 Genesis Genopets only.

Does it cost SOL to mint a Genesis Genopets?

Yes. We will be using Metaplex’s Fair Launch Protocol (as seen on Rogue Shark’s launch) to determine the mint price for the Genesis Genopet. Everyone will be able to bid the amount, up to max, that they think is fair. After some time, the median price will be chosen as the price to mint.

The minting experience, once the Fair Launch lottery is done, will be similar to our demo at, but even better.

So what’s the point of the Genopets Eggs?

Egg holders will be guaranteed to mint a Genesis Genopet at a flat price of ~0.8 SOL (the exact amount to be determined closer to the launch depending on SOL’s value)

Why does the whitepaper say it’s free to mint?

Once the game launches, every player can mint a baby Genopet for free and level it up from infancy. The Genesis Genopets are a collectible as well as an in-game playable character.

How many Genopets Eggs are there? There are only 1000 eggs. So 1000 people will be guaranteed to mint at a low price. The other 2333 Genesis Genopets will be minted through the Fair Launch lottery.

What happens if I won the egg but didn’t register?

You still have time. We will be keeping the Egg Drop Bot open until the week before Genesis Genopets launch. Once you register your SOL address, you will get your Genopet Egg within a day or two.

Why are the Eggs listed on right now?

After the egg drop event, many community members who did not win the airdrop asked to buy the eggs. is the first marketplace that we listed on to facilitate this. We will have other marketplaces coming up soon.

Onward — the Genoverse awaits!

And Now You Know

Have any questions, concerns, or comments? Head over to our Discord and join the conversation. We’ve heard a few Genopet Egg NFT holders might be hanging around the server. Maybe you can convince one of them to send an egg your way 😉. Good luck!

Summon your Genopet to start exploring and evolving! Stay tuned for future developments and updates, and don’t forget to stay up-to-date by following our social media platforms below. See you in the Genoverse!

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