March 21, 2023

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To celebrate Halloween with our awesome community, O3 is throwing caution to the wind and also throwing our very own HallO3ween HackerPunks Airdrop. What that means is 10 $O3 for the first 1,031 people to complete the tasks listed below.

Total Bonanza pool: 10,310 O3🎃

1️⃣ Follow @O3_Labs on Twitter and retweet pinned tweet.

2️⃣ Make an O3 HackerPunks NFT your avatar on Twitter. (You don’t need to own a HackerPunk to do this, but it’d be cool if you did!)

3️⃣Tag someone who should know about O3 and tweet something at O3 Hackerpunks NFT/ O3 Swap on Twitter by hashtagging #O3Swap #HallO3ween
(We may retweet you depending on your tweet!)

4️⃣Fill out the form here (it is the evidence to claim your rewards)

Exploring to NFT marketplace OpenSea: O3 Hacker Punks

Example 1 for Task 2:

Twitter O3 HackerPunks Avatar

Example 2 for Task 2:

Twitter O3 HackerPunks Avatar

The first 1031 participating users will receive an airdrop of 10 locked O3 within 15 days after the event ends.

*Locked O3 must be unlocked on by providing liquidity to Pancake Swap. Check the process here.

Remember that once you receive your O3, you’re welcome to swap it out for another digital asset on! And check your airdrop through the O3 Wallet!

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