March 21, 2023

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Our monthly update on all things technical

Welcome to our roundup of what the Oasis Network team have been working on, take a moment to catch up with all the latest developments.


Notable improvements are:

  • Validators’ commission rates are now fetched and displayed properly.
  • One is able to delegate to all validators now, not just the top 50.
  • Validators’ icons are now displayed when delegating or viewing delegations.
  • The wallet handles external service errors more robustly now and works even if the Oasis Monitor API server is (temporarily) down.
  • With Oasis Wallet — Browser Extension we have been focusing on adding support for allowing users to transfer their $ROSE into ParaTimes and back to the consensus layer, for both Cipher and Emerald. We aim at releasing a new version by the end of December.


  • The 19 Wormhole Bridge Guardians have unanimously voted on adding Oasis Network as the next supported network which will allow seamlessly moving assets from Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Terra, and Polygon to the Oasis Network (and vice-versa).
  • Wormhole Bridge integration into the Emerald ParaTime is scheduled to be completed by the end of December.
  • 52 nodes are running Emerald ParaTime on Mainnet.
  • 40 nodes are running Cipher ParaTime on Mainnet (up from 24 at the end of October).


  • Several fixes were made to transaction simulation and gas estimation logic.
  • The EVM module was updated to nicely propagate revert reasons for reverted transactions.
  • The ParaTime SDK consensus accounts module has been updated to emit events on successful deposit/withdraw operations to make it easier for clients to determine status.
  • The ParaTime SDK event format has been changed to support emitting multiple events of the same type in a single transaction.
  • Further work has been done on testing and improving the WebAssembly smart contract support and an updated version has been deployed on the Cipher Testnet.


  • The Emerald Web3 gateway that allows legacy Ethereum applications to talk to Emerald without requiring modifications has seen a large amount of compatibility and performance improvements.
  • We are developing a custom version of the BlockScout block explorer which will serve as the Emerald block explorer. It will launch by the end of December.
  • Our WebAssembly-based smart contracts development environment has seen updates deployed on the Cipher ParaTime on the Testnet.
  • We target enabling it on Mainnet after it has seen sufficient testing.


  • YuzuSwap is successfully deployed on the Emerald Testnet, and ​​during the first three days of launch, over 12K users interacted with the smart contract over 70K times.
  • Two grant awardees, WePiggy and Amy.Finance, are building lending protocols that aim to launch on Emerald in early January.

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