NFT Giveaway with Solanium

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The team behind Ratio Finance is excited to announce our collaboration with our good friends Solanium, to reward our early community with a free NFT giveaway.

Solanium is the premier launchpad for the most innovative projects in the Solana ecosystem. Ratio Finance will be partnering with Solanium to giveaway 250 beautiful NFTs to commemorate the upcoming mainnet launch of Ratio Finance.

Each one of these NFTs will provide early access to the Ratio Finance incentivised testnet before the mainnet goes fully live. In order to win one of these special NFTs, the Solanium community simply needs to follow Ratio Finance and Solanium on all of their respective socials, as well as fill out a short questionnaire to help Ratio learn more about its users’ needs.

To enter the contest, simply:

  1. Make sure that you are following @solanium_io and @ratiofinance on Twitter.
  2. Make sure that you are a member of the Ratio Finance Discord ( and Telegram (
  3. Fill out this form and answer the questions correctly:
  4. Quote retweet the pinned tweet on @ratiofinance

There will also be an upcoming AMA with the Solanium community. Ratio Finance has 10 NFTs set aside for the best questions during the AMA, decided from a community vote.

These NFTs will be distributed to members of the Solanium community that show genuine interest in supporting the Ratio Finance ecosystem. Things that can boost the chances of being selected include giving honest feedback during the questionnaire, as well as asking good questions during the AMA.

These NFTs were created using Metaplex, which creates a standard for Solana NFTs to be minted and listed. While the Ratio Team will not be creating a formal marketplace for these NFTs, their owners are free to do what they wish with them.

It is important to note that the wallets for the winners of the NFTs must also still hold the Ratio Finance giveaway NFT in order to participate in the early access testnet. If there is a transfer of the NFT, the new owner can email us at [email protected] in order to get registered for the testnet. The testnet will remain open until the mainnet goes live in early February.

Ratio Finance is developing advanced yet accessible DeFi products on top of Solana. Our primary focus is on increasing the liquidity of yield bearing collateral, such as LP tokens, through our collateralized debt position, USDr. You can learn more about Ratio Finance via the following links:

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Solanium is the largest and most fair launchpad on top of Solana. With a community of over 500,000 investors, the Solanium team consistently delivers top-tier projects that are accessible to everyday investors via their platform. You can learn more about Solanium here:

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