August 17, 2022

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Communities that play together, stay together. And fortunately for Marinade, being part of the Solana ecosystem means a growing number of thrilling and social metaverse and P2E Games and NFT opportunities to deliver to our Marinators.

Marinade is excited to share the latest partnership featuring an exclusive event to our Marinator community featuring NFTs and mSOL prizes valued at over $1,200: Alpha League Racing.

About Alpha League Racing

In October 2021, a team of passionate gamers and crypto-enthusiasts embarked on building an exciting Play-to-earn, 3D NFT Racing game on the Solana blockchain. In less than a month of tireless development, the team was proud to ship a pre-alpha version of Alpha League Racing. It was well optimized and early testers reported it was lots of fun.

From there, ALR delivered six new builds to improve many aspects of the game: gameplay, physics, level & sound design, scoring system and a new map at every iteration. They organized six different contests where the community battled for the checkered flag and earn tons of NFT’s and SOL based on their performance.

Thanks to a highly motivated team and an innovative product in the NFT/Metaverse industry on Solana, Alpha League Racing caught the eye of other leading Solana projects like WOOF and Desolates NFT, and Communities like Coban, Sol Brothers and the Solana French Community.

Now, Alpha League Racing is ready to bring racing excitement through competitions against one another with 3D Metaverse-ready NFT’s.

On February 18th, a new and exciting chapter of Alpha League Racing begins with the release of Game Update #7. Our ALRacers will be able to race on all of the race courses ALR designed from the start of their adventure.

And here is the latest breakthrough: ALR can now organize multiple contests and tournaments, offering the opportunity to incentivize our ALRacers and attract racers even more.

“ALR believes it’s time to deliver exciting entertainment services to community leaders who want to strengthen their troops by organizing fun and innovative community events,” said Emmanuel Bernard, COO and Co-Founder of Alpha League Racing. “We view Alpha League Racing as a thrilling and competitive game for our community of ALRacers, and also a formidable community-building game to offer a fun and enjoyable experience for people to spend time on.”

Alpha Racing League and Marinade

As the chefs at Marinade began collaborating with ALR, it was clear that both teams shared a vision for more blockchain decentralization that is achieved through Marinade’s algorithmic strategy that delegates to 400+ different validators. Alpha League Racing will participate in this mission by staking SOL from its treasury wallet on Marinade and receive mSOL in return to invest in promising projects or simply hodl for yield.

To celebrate this partnership, Marinade has agreed to participate in the next ALR prize pool by offering $mSOL and its DAO governance token, $MNDE. They will also utilize ALR’s new Tournament Manager API to organize two contests: a private one for the Marinade community where whitelisted Marinators will be able to race to win prizes, and then a public event for all ALRacers.

Moreover, to illustrate its commitment to Solana and decentralization, the Alpha League Racing team has created a Marinade-branded course and even selected music for it!

ALR also invited Marinade to design its very own race car. During the design process we posted some renderings in our Marinator discord channel for voting and collaborated on some tasty rides.

A prize pool of 8 mSOL will be on the line during the event and will be awarded up to 99th place. ALR honorary NFTs will be awarded to finishers inside the Top 20.

Alpha League Racing is growing its space in the gaming, NFT & Metaverse industry by developing strong partnerships, and Marinade is happy to support their efforts and bring the latest exciting games to its community.

The first ALR-Marinade event is the beginning of an extraordinary adventure. Marinators, start your engines!

ALR — Marinade AMA and Event

We invite all Marinators to participate in our first ALR racing event on Friday, February 18 at 7pm UTC. Following the AMA, at 8pm UTC the private race event will begin. Verified Marinators will be whitelisted for the event. Racers will be able to compete on the course for 7 days, ending on Feb. 25th at 8pm UTC. Race as many times as you can to try and achieve the best place! To be verified, you must have 20 MNDE tokens and visit the #Verify-MNDE channel in Marinade Discord. | Visit this Discord event link to join!

About Marinade

Marinade.Finance is the first non-custodial liquid staking protocol built on Solana. Stake your SOL tokens with Marinade and receive mSOL (“marinated SOL”) tokens in return that can be used in decentralized finance (DeFi). mSOL is the most widely integrated collateralized version of SOL. The price of mSOL goes up relative to SOL each epoch, with rewards being accrued into your stake account.

Marinade’s delegation strategy stakes to 400+ validators that are selected automatically by an open-source, fair formula based on performance, commission, and decentralization.

Marinade includes mSOL->SOL swap, so you can “Unstake Now” and receive your SOL immediately for a small fee. You can also directly exchange between mSOL and SOL on secondary markets at the current rate. Finally, you can unstake your SOL with zero fee by waiting 2–3 days for the Solana cool-down period (Delayed Unstake).

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