February 1, 2023

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Meta Apes Makes History As First Launch on Binance Application Sidechain

This week, Ankr and the BNB Chain team gave a demo and AMA session of the Web3 game, Meta Apes — a reinvention of the extremely popular Age of Apes mobile MMO strategy game. Ankr was instrumental in creating Meta Apes as we provided our gaming software development kit and helped build its underlying new blockchain ecosystem, BAS.

Meta Apes will run on its own Binance Application Sidechain (BAS) within the BNB Chain ecosystem. With full Web3 capabilities, enhanced scalability, and already awesome game mechanics, Meta Apes will lead the charge for the next generation of blockchain games.

Watch the Meta Apes demo session now!


Why Meta Apes Is a Gamechanger

This game breaks all the rules and sets the stage for the future of blockchain gaming for three major reasons:

  1. Meta Apes Is the First Game To Use Its Own Binance Application-Specific Sidechain (BAS)

There has been a lot of buzz in Web3 communities lately about how application-specific blockchains can solve scalability issues, especially for transaction-intensive use cases like games. The Binance Application Sidechain (BAS) framework will allow developers to build extremely scalable dApps and games running on Binance Smart Chain via dedicated sidechains — Meta Apes will be the first.

Apps and games running on BSC sidechains will have extremely low or even zero transaction fees. This is incredible news to improve user experience. BAS allows considerably more participating projects and crypto games to run simultaneously within the Binance ecosystem and BAS allows developers to create and operate their own dedicated blockchains without needing to compete with traffic coming from all the other apps running on BSC.

2. Meta Apes Introduces a Web3 Version of a Game Loved By Thousands

Age of Apes is one of the most sought-after mobile strategy games on both the Apple App Store and Google Play with thousands of players and 5-star reviews. Meta Apes is sure to gain the attention of a swarm of players that will get to test out the new:

  • NFT Fighter Characters — These NFT characters will have more unique powers and prestige than their non-NFT counterparts. NFTs will exist in users’ wallets and also in-game. These characters will generate the in-game cryptocurrency SHELL over time, giving players a source of income that they can claim, transfer to independent crypto wallets, trade, and sell.
  • In-Game Currencies — Players will have the chance to interact with in-game cryptocurrencies like SHELL and BANANA. For some players, this may be their very first time using crypto, but the experience is designed to be as user-friendly as possible.
  • True Digital Ownership — Creating a P2E game creates an experience that is more pleasing for players as they can earn rewards that translate to real-world value for spending time in the game.

3. Meta Apes Will Be the First Web2 Game Converted to Web3 Via a Software Development Kit

What will happen when game developers will be able to convert any video game into a Web3 game by using a software development kit? This is exactly what the Meta Apes release is showcasing. Industry professionals in both gaming and Web3 are expecting that gaming, crypto, and NFTs will doubtlessly become so intertwined that it will be hard to imagine what games were like before P2E. All that stands in the way are technical hurdles in aspects like scalability, gas fees, and difficult implementation. Ankr and the BNB Chain ecosystem are quickly breaking all of these barriers.

Ankr’s Web3 Game Development Kit

Ankr’s new Web3 Gaming SDK gives game studios and developers everything they need to create an amazing Web3 game like Meta Apes, from best-in-class Web3 infrastructure to NFTs, marketplaces, and multi-chain wallet integrations.

Our SDKs help game studios connect their game to Web3 on both the popular Unity and Unreal engines. Save an incredible amount of time with readymade solutions so you can get to market faster.

With Ankr’s gaming SDK, developers can easily:

  • Support Web3 wallets for in-game transactions
  • Integrate NFT capabilities like minting, renting, and trading
  • Detect and connect to multiple blockchains
  • Launch and distribute in-game currency as tokens
  • Optimize games for Web3 on mobile

Visit our YouTube channel for more information on how to use the SDKs.


About Ankr

Ankr is building the future of Web3 infrastructure and staking, servicing over 50 Proof-of-Stake chains with an industry-leading global node delivery system and RPC aggregator. Ankr currently serves over 2T transactions a year across Web3 and is the main infrastructure provider for Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Polygon as of 2022. They’re also the 3rd largest ETH 2 staker and creator of Liquid Staking, a growing Ankr product with over 500M in TVL.

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