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On the 20th of May, 2022 at 11:00 UTC, SafePal hosted Grok for an AMA session on SafePal’s Discord Community. The session was divided into three segments. Fireside Chat was made in Segment 1, questions from the Discord community questions were answered in Segment 2, and the quiz for the community members was in Segment 4.
You can find a recap of the interview here on this blog to know what Grok is all about.

🎤FIRST SEGMENT: Fireside Chat🎤

R: Raven
I: Ivy

I: Hello @everyone!! We are extremely excited to have @Ryokuiin from team Grok here with us for today’s session.
Are you ready for the event?

R: Yep, I am ready!

I: Hey there @Ryokuiin, so nice to have you here, and we’re honored to have you today in our community to give us a more intuitive introduction to the project Grok!!

R: Hi, I am Raven, the spokesman of Grok. Happy being in SafePal community. I guess you guys heard about Grok recently from SafePal a lot from social media accounts. It is the right place for users to get a better understanding of Grok!

I: Q1: Can you briefly introduce Grok? Let our users have a better understanding of your project.

R: Sure
The official project name is Grock. And we focus on Web3, Metaverse, NFT, DAO, and GameFi fields.
Grok is currently developing a multiplayer online sandbox game with a powerful visual game editor (tool). Anyone can use its editor tool to create their own virtual reality and publish it on PLANET (our project NFT) for profit.
Our main goal is to build a decentralized, customizable, community-driven, and open Web3 GameFi platform.

I: Sounds interesting.
Q2: Can you share with us more about your core team information under such a great project?

R: First, let me introduce our game development team.
Our game development team has more than 1,000 employees worldwide, and the Grok project team consists of more than 50 professional game developers.
Most of whom have more than ten years of game development experience, they have worked with War Machine series, Civilization Online, New World and other well-known projects.
The second is our crypto team. Our crypto team is a distributed office organization with team members mainly from New York and Los Angeles, USA; Toronto, Canada; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Antwerp, Belgium; Birmingham, UK; Sao Paulo, Singapore; Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai, China; Busan, South Korea, and more.
Most of them have a background in world-renowned companies such as Binance, TRON, Electronic Arts, Tencent, Standard Chartered, and NCsoft.

I: Cool!! And I have noticed Grok Honors on your website. So,
Q3: What is Grok Honors? And how can users earn the Grok Honors?

R: Let me introduce $GROK token first, $GROK is an ERC-20 token, it is the main token of the Grok ecosystem and is the payment token used in playing games in the Grokverse.
The maximum $GROK token supply is 1 trillion, with 600 billion for circulation and another 400 billion for Grok Honors.
Grok Honors is like an identity system “level”, the level represents your position, your position determines your salary level, and any community user can get it.
For now, to get Grok Honors, read this article.

I: ✨ Grok has launched an NFT raffle on SafePal Giftbox, and your rewards are 20 whitelist spots of the PLANET Jigsaw NFTs.
Q4: And many participates are really curious about where will Grok list your PLANET NFTs?

R: Hope you guys all joined the Grok Raffle!!
Users will mint PLANET on Grok’s official website.
And then users can trade the NFTs on OpenSea.
But we will launch our own marketplace in the future.
In order to meet more types of NFT transactions, these NFTs are an important part of the game ecology, such as Avatar and game items.

I: Great!
And I also see that some of them were asking the question which should be the most-concerned one.
Q5: What is the total supply of PLANET NFTs, and what are the benefits of holding PLANET NFTs?

R: We have 1000 PLANET NFTs in total, and each PLANET NFT needs to be composed of 9 Jigsaw NFTs (ERC-721).

Let me briefly introduce the privileges for PLANET NFT holders.

1. Get 100 LAND NFT airdrops for free from Grok
2. Receive an airdrop of 10% of the total supply of GROK tokens.
3. Charge users for tickets, which are $GROK tokens that allow users to access creations, games, competitions, etc. in their PLANET.
4. With the right to manage your PLANET, you can choose different ways to create various metaverse games or experiences for community players in your PLANET.
5. Stake PLANET NFT to get Grok Honors.
6. Own privileges to own all games in the entire Grok ecosystem.

This is our PLANET NFT gift for SafePal 😼

I: It’s really interesting!
Besides, the characters in the Grokverse world mentioned in your website really attracts me. And it also mentioned that the creators can create works, for example, games by getting NFTs.
Q6: So how do the creators get LAND NFTs to create games?

R: There are two ways of getting LAND NFTs.
1. Go to the Grok official website to purchase Jigsaw NFTs, then synthesize a PLANET, you can get an airdrop of LAND NFTs. Remember to enter our Discord in advance, there are more chances to get the whitelist.
2. Creators can buy or rent a LAND NFT from any PLANET owner.

I: Got it!
Q7: I see how rare the PLANET NFTs are. So can you tell us about the Mint plan of PLANET NFTs?

R: The total of 1000 PLANET NFTs, of which 100 are commercial co-branded PLANETs like we just sent one to our partner Safepal. And the remaining 900 are divided into four phases of Mint.

The first phase of NFT minting. 100 PLANET NFT, a total of 900 Jigsaw NFT.
The second phase of NFT minting. 200 PLANET NFTs, a total of 1800 Jigsaw NFTs.
The third phase of NFT minting. 300 PLANET NFTs, a total of 2700 Jigsaw NFTs.
The fourth phase of NFT minting. 300 PLANET NFTs, a total of 2700 Jigsaw NFTs.

I: Awesome! And here comes the final question~
Q8: Will Grok plan to list $GROK on major exchanges in the future? Like Binance, Huobi, or Okex?

R: All our current work plans are on product development.
But the listing of exchanges is still in our plan. We estimate that we will list $GROK on some exchanges in Q4
Can’t reveal too much so far. Stay tuned with us!

I: Well with these great answers, we came to an end of Segment 1 now 😉


I: @Ryokuiin Kindly select 5 questions from the thread SafePal x Grok AMA and answer them!

R: Wow, so many questions! thank you guys for being so passionate! Let me pick now.
Q1. https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/977059958908678165/977079469128953916
what inspired you to embark on this project?

A: Good questions
I think that under the influence of Ponzi economics, the death spiral is an unavoidable topic for all existing gamefi products, and it is also a fatal blow to the “play to earn” model.
We don’t want to cost users a lot to enter any game, ignoring the fun of the game itself, and only focusing on the payback cycle, any short-term speculation is unacceptable.
We hope to build an online platform or community where players can participate in the game with a small ticket cost with joy, and earn profits through our Grok Honor system.
Users can truly enjoy the social, entertainment and work experience that this world brings to us. If you want to know about the details of how are we going to make it, check out our whitepaper, which introduces both the operating model and the economic model.
In short, our original intention is to build a WEB3 social, entertainment and work platform that truly belongs to users.

R: Q2. https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/977059958908678165/977077325277577276
Most investors only focus on the price of the notification code in the short term instead of the real value of the project. Can GROK tell me the benefits for long-term investors?

A: We prefer to get the attention of long-term investors, because we are making a long-term plan. We are building an ecology, once this ecology is established, we think we will become a real WEB3 game content creation community.
Of course, in the process of platform or community establishment, we will continue to launch a variety of game products, so that we can continue to expand our user base, in addition to crypto game users, there are more traditional game users to participate in, we have a long-term and a healthier economic model.
Of course, in the process of platform or community establishment, we will continue to launch a variety of game products, so that we can continue to expand our user base, in addition to crypto game users, there are more traditional game users to participate in, we have a long-term and a healthier economic model.
The traditional development model of web3 is that institutional investment endorses, and then centralized exchanges use the advantages of traffic to publicize. I think this is contrary to the spirit of the decentralized core of web3.
The Grok team decided to create consensus from the bottom up, so as to truly achieve community autonomy, and the initial community participants shared the benefits of Grok’s growth.

R: Q3. https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/977059958908678165/977077966540537916
What are your major goals to achieve in the next 3-4 years? What are your plans to expand and gain more adoption? How does GROK elevate crypto participants’ understanding about the project?

A: In our macro roadmap, we have made plans
In the first year, we will focus on building an official game product through the game editor to attract and expand our user base.
In the second year, we will use the game editor and work with our ecological partners to complete the creation of 100 game content, becoming a real WEB3 game content creation community.
In the third year, we will encourage ordinary users to participate in creating games, thereby improving the DAO community governance model.
Regarding having more users in our community, we firmly believe that WEB3 games will be the trend in the future, but unfortunately, traditional game players want to participate in it, in addition to the cost of encryption learning, there is a high economic cost threshold.
In addition to the P2E mode, our game lobby also has a FREE mode. Traditional gamers can participate in the FREE mode to get a small amount of Grok Honors. We have removed the economic threshold to allow more gamers to participate and teach them how to use wallets.

R: Q4. https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/977059958908678165/977141155298963456
what is the main reason why $GROK is develop/use Ethereum blockchain

A: We understand the problems caused by the high gas fee of the ETH network, but we want our tokens and NFTs to retain their core value, and we don’t want to turn them into speculative assets, but core assets for long-term holding.
We will continue to keep core assets in the ETH network in the future, but at the application level, such as in-game NFT transactions, participation in games, etc., we will migrate to other networks to improve practicality. Currently, we are doing something like this to facilitate one of our upcoming game products.

R: Q5: https://discord.com/channels/909067029791776819/977059958908678165/977068899646464020
Have you been audited? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves and plans to escape in case of insecurity if funds, scams and rug pulls? How strongly built is your security put in place?

A: We have passed the security audit on Certik, about this, you can get the audit report on our official website or Certik’s official website.
In addition, in order to completely solve the security problem of the contract, we give up the ownership of the contract and put it into the black hole address after all the tokens are guaranteed to be mint
that is, no one can attack or steal the contract then to cause any damage to the project. All above is mentioned in the audit report.
We cannot guarantee the user’s investment, because it is subject to the environment of the entire crypto market, but we firmly believe that at the application level, if there is a good landing scene, it will still be welcomed by users.

I: Thank you so much for answering so many questions! 👏
I’m sure people do learn so much about Grok now!
Now we’ll start the final segment!
Grok has prepared a quiz for the community here.
The community has 5 minutes to answer the quiz. The first 10 participants getting the full score of the quiz will be winners of this section.
During the quiz part, @Ryokuiin do you have anything for the community here?

R: Yes! I have a surprise for our users!

We would love to announce that Grok prepared mystery gifts for both community users. Which are 9 Jigsaw NFTs! Yes, we are giving away 9 Jigsaw NFTs for free!!
We will reveal the giveaway rules in our discord community. Stay tuned with us

For celebrating this collaboration between Grok and SafePal, Grok offers 10 Billion $GROK token rewards for both community users.
It starts now!!

I: Thank you so much @Ryokuiin for giving us all such informative insight. It was worth having you!!

R: Thank you @Ivy_SafePal for being such an amazing AMA host!! And thanks to all SafePal X Grok users for being sooo passionate

I: It’s nice having you! Cheers to SafePal x Grok🥂
Find out more about Grok

Grok Website: https://www.grok.earth/
Grok Discord: https://discord.gg/grokverse
Grok Twitter: https://twitter.com/Grokverse

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