March 21, 2023

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Banksea NFT Oracle provides liquidity solutions to the NFT market and brings more possibilities to the blockchain ecosystem. This article introduces the various scenarios of Banksea NFT Oracle.

NFT Data analysis

Banksea NFT Oracle will provide the NFTs' comprehensive analysis, including attribute analysis, rarity analysis, popularity analysis, transaction analysis, etc. The protocols such as NFT wallets and marketplaces can access the analysis data of Banksea NFT Oracle, enabling users to view and analyze their asset status.

NFT Collateral Loan

Most NFT lending platforms take the P2P business model, due to the lack of reasonable strategies to estimate the value and stability of NFTs. Banksea NFT Oracle will change it. The NFT lending platform can access the valuation and risk API of NFTs provided by Banksea NFT Oracle. Banksea can deliver a safe and reasonable solution for NFT collateral lending, comprehensive value assessment, setting the proper collateral rate, and realizing 7*24 h market monitoring to minimize the risk.

NFT traders

At present, there are so many NFTs on the market that it is difficult and urgent to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of massive NFTs. Banksea oracle is designed to solve this dilemma. NFT traders can obtain comprehensive data analysis, valuation, and risk assessment on the Banksea Oracle official website to formulate their investment plans.


More scenarios for Oracle, such as music NFT, GameFi, Metaverse, and other fields will be available in the future.

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