March 21, 2023

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O3 Labs Quarterly Report Apr. — Jun. 2022

Q2- On June 9th, O3 Labs launched O3 Interchange or O3 Swap’s V2 solution — O3 Interchange then launched a ten-day ‘0 trading fee’ promotion to onboard new users and old to our latest DAPP. In addition, we also launched the O3 cross-chain wallet to better serve our mobile Defi users. We also informally began development of our NFT cross-chain function on this date.

Immigration of O3 Communities

In 2022, our official community for getting admin support was changed from Telegram to Discord. The Telegram community will only announce our project’s progress and admins/officials will no longer provide any user support or product answers on telegram. For user support or if you have any questions whatsoever, join our official Discord:

✨So What’s New?

O3 Swap V1:

  • Maintain, improve and optimize some user experience
  • Stop the liquidity rewards

O3 Swap V2 — O3 Interchange:

  • Added Curve aggregation
  • Completed uniV3 aggregation preparation
  • Added multiple wallets’ support
  • Fixed user feedback button issues to optimize the experience
  • Added new tokens, pools and chains including Cube and Avalanche
  • Developed the Dashboard which is in the testing phase
  • Completed the multi-mining function for staking contracts and passed sufficiently tested it
  • Refactored part of the code to enhance scalability

NFT Cross Chain:

  • NFT cross-chain contract written to completion, functional test passed
  • Designed the NFT cross-chain front-end

O3 Cross-Chain Wallet:

  • Completed all foundational development work of O3 Cross Chain Wallet
  • Included the Swap function within O3 Cross Chain Wallet, so users can freely exchange digital assets across chains on their mobile devices
  • Added support for Cube, Cronos, Klaytn and other custom networks
  • Supported ZK SYNC 2.0 and the signtypedata_v4 draft protocol as the official bridge


O3 Swap 1st Anniversary:

From its launch in 2021 O3 pledged to develop the cross-chain space and now in 2022 we’re delivering on that promise. On the 1st anniversary, we launched our O3 Cross Chain Wallet, which reimagines how cross-chain transactions take place on mobile wallets! To celebrate this momentous moment, we launched the Summer Giveaway series.

Summer Giveaway #1 with the Polygon ecosystem was such a success that we initieated Summer Giveaway #2 in July! (The summer giveaway 2 is still ongoing, click it to join!)

0 Trading Fee for Cross-chain Swap

On June 9th, the open beta of O3 Interchange officially went live and the trading fees were exactly 0 for the first ten days!

Liquidity Mining

The Liquidity Mining began on June 13th. The first batch of LP pools was LP-WETH, LP-ETH, LP-USDT, LP-USDC, LP-DAI, LP-MATIC, LP-WFTM, LP-WXDAI and LP-WMATIC. Now, you can still provide liquidity through the Hub to get high APY.

Click here for more details about Liquidity Mining.

Integration with Cube Network

We integrated with the Cube Network and started the dual-yield liquidity farm and Cross-Chain Airdrop on Cube in Q2, which supports the one-click swap of mainstream assets on Cube with other networks. Users can get double $O3 and $CUBE rewards by providing liquidity for WCUBE, BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, or DAI within the Hub on

Click here for more mining details.


The new BTC and O3 liquidity pools were deployed on our supported chains, and the liquidity mining also began. With the support of new pools and chains, we’re excited to say that O3 Interchange has supported 8 chains and 120+ cross-chain assets as of now.


We featured a video with Communications Director Matt Powers at the Neo booth to introduce O3 Labs, our wallets and our cross-chain dAPP, O3 Interchange (O3 Swap V2). Remember, O3 started out as a wallet within the Neo ecosystem!

Market Collaboration

  • Go+

Security at O3 Interchange has always been our number one priority. First, we initiated the professional audits of our blockchain security with help from Peckshield and CertiK. PeckShield’s audit is complete while Certik’s is ongoing. Next, we carried out in-depth cooperation with the professional security detection team — Go+ Security to strengthen the risk detection of cross-chain assets from multiple points of view. On the token list on O3 Interchange, you can see a shield button next to each token to help check for more security information. Now, we are organizing a bug bounty campaign with Immunefi!

  • imToken

The O3 Swap and imToken’s Learn and Earn campaign just ended on July 1st, and we will have in-depth cooperations with more premium wallets in the future.


On June 8th, O3 Swap hosted a Twitter Spaces with Polygon, Meshswap, KyberNetwork, PolyDoge, Zignaly, and Algebra. The topic revolved around Polygon’s amazing ecosystem.
Other AMA’s:
On June 14th, O3 Swap AMA in PolyNetwork Telegram group;
On June 17th, O3 Swap AMA in Telegram group;
On June 21st, O3 Swap AMA in Polygon Daily Twitter Space;
On June 23rd, O3 Swap hosted a Twitter Space AMA with Fantom;
On June 30th, community users and our product manager had an in-depth conversation and discussion about the product design of O3 Interchange on O3 Discord.

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