March 21, 2023

This post was originally published on Banksea Finance

We are excited to release the Banksea API that enables NFT data analysis and NFT AI valuation for the NFT collections on Moonriver/Moonbeam ecosystem. After Solana, Moonbeam is the second ecosystem where Banksea releases data APIs to support real-time NFT price valuation and floor price tracking.

The API will include the top NFT collections on Moonbeam such as BEANS NFT, Neon Crisis V2, CryptoButchers, GLMR APES, Damned Pirates Society, etc. It provides the basic information, floor price, transaction data, social media data, multi-dimensional analysis, and AI valuation of NFT collections and each NFT.

Banksea API can be used to support scenarios such as NFT collateral loans, NFT wallets, marketplaces, Gamefi, and so on, featured with safe, objective, and real-time NFT analysis and NFT valuation.

Please refer to the API doc and apply for the API Key through the link if you are interested.

Banksea API:

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