October 7, 2022

This post was originally published on Banksea Finance

Banksea is excited to announce the partnership with Dtools to combine NFT data analysis and NFT valuation with decentralized tools. Users can check the detailed NFT data demonstrated on the Dtools search engine. It is a convenient tool to access the data powered by Banksea.

Banksea is a Web 3.0 financial infrastructure integrated AI tech that provides data services including NFT data analysis, NFT valuation, and NFT comprehensive risk evaluation via off-chain API and on-chain Oracle. Banksea data service is highly scalable for various scenarios such as wallets, marketplaces, collateral loans, etc.

Banksea on-chain Oracle is the First NFT Oracle on Solana, providing NFT collection AI floor price, trading volume, etc. Banksea off-chain API currently supports 700 NFT collections on Solana and 20 NFT collections on Moonbeam, providing not only the valuation, transaction data, and characteristic information for NFT, but also the floor price, popularity, and Whale tracking for the NFT collection.

About Dtools

Dtools (Decentralized Tools) is the next generation of Web3 ALL-IN-ONE tools. It supports all major operating systems, including MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Including various functional modules and a unique plugin ecosystem based on decentralized technology, Dtools has built a bridge between Web2 and Web3. Dtools Pass is an identifier and pass issued by Dtools to every Dtooler. Dtoolers who hold the pass can enjoy unlocking all advanced functions and technical expert support within the validity period of the pass.

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