October 7, 2022

This post was originally published on 03labs

Since our official community was changed from Telegram to Discord, we are committed to the community development in Discord. To reward members with high activity levels, we are going to hold an event called “Battle for Social Street Cred”! ✊

We hope this will help new users get involved in our community as well. The more active you are, the faster you move up!⏫ Once you reach level 8 & 12, you can claim 2 O3 OATs respectively on the Galaxy platform.

So if you join our Bear Market Mining 🐻 and this campaign, you will get 3 O3 OATs in total. Then after you collect 5 different O3 OATs, you will get to win the huge rewards — $50 O3! 🤑

Follow the steps below to be eligible for 2 O3 OATs.

Event Period: August 12th 8:00 (UTC) — September 12th 8:00 (UTC)


  1. Head over to the O3 Swap Discord server and get yourself verified;
  2. Be ACTIVE in the O3 Swap server and get your account advanced to level 5, 8, and 12;

The activity levels of our members in the O3 Swap Discord server will be reset when the campaign starts. When your activity level reaches 5, 8 and 12, the Mee6 Bot will automatically add roles for you.

Level 5: Lazy Caterpillar 🐛
Level 8: Cocoon
Level 12: Social Butterfly 🦋

3. After you reach level 8 & 12, go to the #🎨oat-claim channel on Discord to notify our admins about your level and also your BEP-20 address;

4. Then go to Galaxy to connect your BNB wallet address to claim your O3 OATs after 2 days.

Claim Entrance for Level 8: https://galaxy.eco/O3Swap/campaign/GCCKZUt3et


Don’t spam or send low-quality content in Discord, or your activity level will be reset to 0!!!

Remember to go for the #🎨oat-claim channel and let admins know your level and address. If you forget to do so, your eligibility will be considered automatic disqualification, even if you reach level 12;

The total amount of OAT for this event is 1,000, so please get it in time.

For further details, questions, or comments, follow us on Twitter, join our Discord or contact us.

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