March 21, 2023

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Start building on the new Aptos Mainnet with instant RPC access just released on October 17!

It’s Aptos Autumn, and Ankr has just released the mainnet RPC connection for the Aptos blockchain! This is exciting for developers that need a gateway to build on the new ecosystem. Right now, anyone can access the mainnet RPC (remote procedure call) endpoint right away on the Ankr Network RPC platform that provides a connection to 28 different blockchains and testnets.

Make your first call to the Aptos chain now! No signup, login, or any other steps are required to use the endpoint below:

Projects that want more capabilities from the RPC service, like unlimited daily Aptos requests, can sign up for a Premium account and pay as they go flexibly for the requests they make — no monthly subscriptions or overpayment.

Aptos Autumn is Here

What Projects Are Already Building On Aptos?

Before Aptos had even launched their mainnet on Monday, there were already over 100 projects in development. Aptos has attracted a variety of DEXs, DeFi protocols, bridges, launchpads, NFT projects, social platforms, wallets, and much more.

See all the projects currently building on Aptos here.

What’s the Big Buzz Around Aptos?

There has been a lot of noise surrounding Aptos due to attractive upgrades in how building on the blockchain works. With the new Move programming language, developers can build smart contracts and interact with the Aptos chain easier. As a similar language to Rust, Move could attract many new devs already familiar with it to start building without needing to learn complex new programming languages and breaking barriers to Web3 entry.

Move-based blockchains like Aptos and Sui from Mysten Labs have been much hyped this cycle due to their ease of building, speeds, and high TPS. As a new layer-1 blockchain, Aptos brings a modular approach to operations. This means that these environments will be highly upgradeable to scale for new adoption. These upgrades have enticed VC funds (over $350 million raised this year) interested in what Aptos can do for extremely high throughput use cases. Some have heralded Aptos as a “Solana Killer” — a new chain that can handle enterprise-grade use cases with the kind of throughput it takes to handle the most serious applications coming from both Web3 and likely many new Web2 forays into the blockchain.

What is Ankr’s Aptos Mainnet RPC?

The Aptos RPC is a connection for developers and dApps to build on the new Aptos mainnet just released on October 17. Ankr’s new Mainnet and Testnet Aptos RPC provides the following solutions:

  • An instant connection to the Aptos chain for all Web3 developers & dApps.
  • Removes the need for many developers to set up their own Aptos node, removing hours of time spent building, calibrating, and fixing node issues.
  • Grants access to advanced tools and documentation — Ankr’s Premium RPC Service instantly grants access to the best tools to build applications quickly.
  • Powers apps and open-source software that need access to Aptos — Connect with a cluster of high-performance nodes that holds the information you need to build and operate dApps on Aptos.
  • Supports and empowers development on the Aptos network.

Those who have a Premium Plan with Ankr’s RPC services get even more from Aptos development with:

  • Unlimited Aptos requests
  • Global node distribution
  • Dedicated Aptos endpoints
  • Prioritized traffic
  • Advanced Developer APIs
  • WebSockets (WS) capabilities

Why Are Web3 Developers Excited About Aptos?

In addition to the Move language, Aptos operates differently from other chains as all transactions are processed simultaneously, and validation occurs later on. Because of this mechanism, failed transactions no longer hinder the on-chain transactions that are next in line, and failed transactions are tried again later.

This parallel transaction processing is possible due to Aptos’s Block-STM engine that regulates any conflicts with transactions while creating a more efficient, affordable, and fast (low latency) user experience.

  • Using the Move language for fast and secure transaction execution.
  • Enabling flexible key management and hybrid custodial options.
  • Creating a modular approach to transaction processing for low latency and high throughput.
  • Validator state sharding to scale throughput without adding complexity.
  • Modular architecture design supports client flexibility and is optimized for frequent and instant upgrades.

Learn more about Aptos.

Stay Tuned For More Aptos Support News!

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