February 4, 2023

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To celebrate the World Cup in style, we’ve launched our very own gamified Football lottery competition with over $50,000 in rewards. OpenOcean users who predict the correct outcomes of matches can win lottery tickets; those tickets then offer the potential to win a share of 2,500,000 OOE tokens. We want everyone to have fun and join in our campaign, so we’ve introduced multiple methods to get yourself a ticket and join in the fun!

How it works

Every day on the platform you will have the ability to acquire lottery tickets. Lottery tickets are what determines your overall prize from the competition. There are a few ways to get lottery tickets which we will go into further detail on below.

Method 1 — Make a swap at least $10
Users who make a swap on any of the supported chains (except Solana/Tron/Ontology) via OpenOcean will automatically receive a free prediction chance for available matches each round. Prediction rounds last 1 day and reset with a new round and new matches. In a prediction round you can predict the outcome of up to 4 matches happening on each day. Each successful prediction will win a lottery ticket for entry into the prize draw.

– 1x Prediction round for a $10 swap. If all predictions are right, max reward 4 Lottery tickets

Method 2 — BAB holders, Glory Pass holders, or Galxe OAT NFT holders
Users who hold their own BAB (Binance account bound token), Glory Pass or OAT NFT are entitled to a one-time free lottery ticket (no prediction needed) just connect your wallet to the OpenOcean and you’ll get your ticket. Holders who make a swap receive 1x EXTRA ticket in addition to their prediction from the trade.

– 1x Ticket from Oat NFT/BAB/Glory Pass holder by connecting wallet (once only)
– 1x Prediction round entry from a $10 swap = up to 4 extra Tickets if correct
– 1x Extra lottery ticket on your a $10 swap from being a holder
– 1x Extra lottery ticket if you swap a token from one of our partners (no req amount)

Method 3 — Swap a token from one of our partnered projects
Users who swap tokens on OpenOcean from one of our whitelisted partner projects will also receive 1x extra free ticket each round. So if you swap $11 of one of our partner tokens you’ll earn 1x prediction round entry and 1x lottery ticket.

– 1x Ticket from 1 swap of our partners tokens (no min amount)
1x Prediction round entry from a $10 swap = up to 4 extra Tickets if correct

Our list of partners and their eligible tokens: Beefy.Finance ($BIFI), BenQi($QI), Buffer Token ($BFR), Clipper ($MATIC), Kyber Network ($KNC)l, Izumi Finance ($IZI), Radiant Capital ($RDNT), pSTAKE Finance Spookyswap ($BOO), Symbiosis Finance ($SIS), Trader Joe($JOE), and WOO Network ($WOO). More will come!

Method 4 — Buy a lottery ticket direct
If you want to participate in the lottery without doing any of the steps above or just fancy getting an extra ticket, you’ll be able to buy them at $10 each for direct entry into the lottery draw, limited to one time purchase per round.

Reward Scenarios
Scenario 1 Alice has a glory pass NFT. She goes on to OpenOcean on day 1 and claims her free holder ticket (one time only). She also makes a swap of $12 to earn her daily ticket but also earns an extra ticket due to being an NFT holder. So far she has earned 2x tickets and has 1x prediction chance (which can yield up to 4 more tickets).
Prediction rounds reset — every day is a new round

Scenario 2Alice goes on to OpenOcean and makes a $5 swap of our partner token $BIFI from Beefy. Alice only earned 1x ticket today only. If she makes a $10 swap, then she will get an extra prediction chance (which can yield up to 4 more tickets).
Prediction rounds reset — every day is a new round

Lottery Tickets and Draws

Every lottery ticket is one entry into the lottery draw. Users are able to hold multiple lottery tickets for each lottery draw.

In order to win a lottery draw your lottery ticket must match a certain amount of numbers in a certain order. Don’t worry we’ve explained everything out below-

Every round lottery rewards:

For example:

Every ticket contains 6 numbers. Lottery will automatically draw after football matches ended per round. The digits must be in the same order on the ticket for them to win.

Ticket A: Congrats! All digits match in the correct order, so this ticket wins a “Match first 6” prize — 50,000 OOE

Ticket B: Even though the last 5 digits match, the first digit is wrong, so this ticket doesn’t win a prize.

Ticket C: The first two and the last three digits all match, but the third one is wrong, so this ticket wins a “Match first two” prize — 250 OOE.

Rewards & Distribution:

First reward claim time: After the group stage of the World Cup 3rd of December, 2022

Second reward claim time: After the final of the World Cup 18th of December, 2022

All lottery tickets are generated randomly & automatically. Rewards will be airdropped to the winners in OOE on the BNB Chain. The rewards for the lottery will be proportionally split depending on the number of winners.

For instance, if there are 10 winners for “Match first one”, they will share rewards with $1 each. If there are 1000 winners, everyone will gain $0.1 as reward.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. OpenOcean reserves the right to cancel or amend any prediction or ticket where it is found that cheating or other misuse of the prediction platform or games has occurred.
  2. OpenOcean reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at its sole discretion.

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