February 4, 2023

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All the DeFi Land cuteness, now packed into the Backpack Wallet

Dear DeFi Landers,

We have the pleasure to announce that DeFi Land xNFT is officially live, available now through our partnership with the Backpack wallet. The Backpack wallet is a stepping stone toward the future of NFT utility. Backpack is the first digital wallet with built-in apps that allow you to access and apply your NFTs with ease. We call these applications xNFTs. You can use these digital wallet apps to stake your tokens/NFTs, monitor your holdings, play games, and more. Sounds awesome, right? Backpack is still in its beta-testing phases, but we have the hook-up if you want to get started right away.

The DeFi Land xNFT: An Interactive NFT Experience

Our community is already loving the convenience and cuteness of petting their animals through the Backpack UI. You can pet, heal, and claim $GOLDY directly in the xNFT! Special thanks to community members Brooklyn, Sytoshi, and Maraxus for sharing their Backpacks.
  • Manage your upgrades and repairs for your DeFi Land tools (guns, harvesters, and fishing rods) without logging into the game.
  • Earn with your DeFi Land pets directly in the DeFi Land xNFT. You can feed, heal, and claim $GOLDY from your pets. It’s never been easier to earn in DeFi Land!
  • You can customize your account, including changing your username and profile picture.
  • The in-game achievements are tracked from the xNFT, meaning you still earn XP when completing tasks through xNFT.
  • Eventually, Backpack Mobile will allow you to take your DeFi Land NFTs on the go, as we take another step forward on our quest of GM (going mobile!).
  • You will soon be able to stake and lock $DFL as well as DLF-USDC LP tokens.
  • And don’t forget, you can also use your Backpack wallet to connect directly to the full DeFi Land game.
  • Backpack beta testers might get some benefits in the future as well. 👀

How to Get Your Exclusive Backpack Access Code

  • Community giveaways! We are giving away Backpack access codes through our Twitter and Discord. Make sure to follow the steps here for a chance to win one of 40 access codes. Join our weekly Farmer’s Hall in Discord for more chances to win.
  • Play DeFi Land! We will be giving out access codes as rewards in-game and through raffles. We have many invitations to give away, and we are looking forward to making sure all our top players get a chance to win. There will be 200+ codes given away through in-game rewards! (Yes, 200, you read it right)
  • Backpack invite code raffles are coming! Stay tuned for fresh raffles to get a chance to win beta keys for Backpack in exchange of the tickets.
Backpack access codes as in-game rewards

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