February 4, 2023

This post was originally published on Project Seed

If your first impression of an NFT game or play-and-earn is just collecting stuff, Outland Odyssey is far from it. Outland Odyssey is on another level of action RPGs. The game does integrate NFTs into its elements, but in a way that it is not a chore: as a weapon/armor that players can use in the mobile crypto game.

Remember when you are playing an online game and your friend’s selling their in-game hammer for a sum of money? Outland Odyssey does that, but in an official and very safe way: mint the desired weapon as NFT, trade it in the marketplace, and you gain passive income!

About the Play-and-Earn Gameplay

The game’s basic premise is simple: monster-hunting quest in action RPG format. Players choose their weapons and armor, tackle the quest to defeat Zeds (the monster), and take the reward. The game is built in a mobile environment to grant easier access too.

There are skills available for players to tweak and spam at the enemies. Doing a quest uses up stamina that regenerates over time. The rewards come in many forms: gold coins, materials, and at times O2 tokens.

The play-and-earn in the game runs on the trades of items. So, these materials & O2 tokens are precious assets for you as they are needed to craft a weapon or armor, level them up, and mint it as NFT. Once you have it as an NFT, you are able to put it up on the marketplace to trade it away.

What are the Zeds?

Zeds are what the monster is called in Outland Odyssey. They come in many varieties, with each Zed having a unique skill. Some Zeds have a higher magical attack while others boost higher defense. The Zeds can also be tamed into Zed companions to bring together to battle too!

The NFT Adds to Play-and-Earn

Project SEED thinks that it is important that players’ hard work, time, and energy are well compensated. This is where the play-and-earn factor comes. You are free to choose and craft which weapon/armor and mint them as NFTs. The NFT provides ownership to players and makes it possible to mint a unique weapon/armor to be traded that has no other duplicate as they will always come in different combat stat.

Outland Odyssey can be enjoyed by crypto-enthusiasts as well as a new entry for classic gamers who are in for the gameplay value. From tackling quests to overcome the monsters to crafting the best items that are swoon-worthy to be traded in the marketplace, Outland Odyssey has it all. Come join the rich world of Outland Odyssey! Find it on Google Play Store here.

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