February 4, 2023

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’Tis the season! On December 7th we finalized O3 Swap’s integration on Bitgert network. To celebrate Bitgert coming to TO3N, we are throwing an epic Christmas party for our beloved users to experience the new cross-chain opportunities with Bitgert while possibly winning $5,000 worth of token rewards!

⏰Event time: December 7th 4AM UTC- December 28th 10AM UTC

🏆Prize Pool: $4,000 BRISE +$1,000 O3

🎄Quest3 Entrance:

🙋‍♀️How to Participate:

Connect your Discord account and wallet address on Quest3, and complete all the tasks that are listed below to be eligible for the Christmas event:

  1. Conduct a cross-chain transaction (min. $100 worth of tokens) on the Swap page through O3 Swap V2 and the target chain must be Bitgert network, AND provide your address on Quest 3
  2. Retweet O3’s pinned Christmas Party event tweet and @ 3 friends
  3. Follow the official Twitter account of @O3_Labs and @bitgertbrise
  4. Join the official Discord server of O3 Labs
  5. Subscribe to O3 Wallet YouTube Channel


Leave your address used for cross-chain swap on Quest 3.

Do not move the amount of cross-chain tokens until the event ends.

Remember to complete all the quests on Quest 3 to be eligible for winning! When the event concludes, 50 winners from all participants will be drawn to share the $5,000 prize pool, each will receive $100 worth of tokens.

$O3 needs to be claimed on Quest3 by connecting you wallet on BNB chain.
$BRISE will be airdropped to the same wallet address on Bitgert chain.


Users who cross-chain swap more than $10 worth of tokens to Bitgert on O3 Swap will be airdropped a certain amount of $BRISE as fee rebates in a few minutes. One address has only one chance to receive the reward!

The rewards will be distributed to your Bitgert addresses within 10 working days after the event ends. Once you receive your token package, you are welcomed to exchange it to another digital asset at o3swap.com!

About O3 Swap

O3 Swap is a cross-chain DEX built on the top EVM-compatible blockchains. It achieves both on-chain and cross-chain swaps quickly. Users can exchange tokens from any supported chain to another token freely. Try it here: https://o3swap.com/

About Bitgert Network

Bitgert is a one stop solution for all of your DeFi needs, Bitgert is creating an evolving, user-friendly, low-cost, and customizable blockchain network.
Bitgert mostly focusses on products that increase the mass adoption of crypto in the real world. Bitgert CEX, Paybrise are the upcoming products.

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