Banksea NFT Oracle has launched on Solana Devnet

Banksea Finance Just now·4 min read The first AI-Driven NFT Oracle In 2021, NFTs take the world by storm, but due to the lack of an interface that can accurately assess the value of NFT on the chain, the NFT market transaction volume has not reached the Defi market transaction volume. Banksea Oracle is … Read more

Banksea Finance Announces the Completion of Its Multi-million Dollar Strategic Fundraising

Banksea Finance Just now·2 min read Investors Banksea Finance, an AI-powered NFT Oracle and NFT Pool-based Lending platform announced the closure of a multi-million-dollars private fundraising round. Institutional investors participated in the round include Petrock Capital, Parrot, MEXC Global, Springwind Ventures, RioDefi, Solar Eco Fund, Digital Renaissance, Zonff Partners, Definitive Finance, Digital Assets, Investment Solutions … Read more

Banksea Genesis NFT CiztizenOne Sale Launch

Banksea Finance Just now·2 min read Buy you a CitizenOne: Hi Banksea Lovers, We are delighted to announce that Banksea’s Genesis NFTs, 3000 Limited Edition, CitizenOne are coming. Meanwhile, Banksea creates a new metaverse, BankseaVerse. You are welcome to build the unique and various world together. CitizenOne, the first citizen of BankseaVerse will pioneer … Read more

Banksea Airdrop A Total Of 150,000 $KSE Tokens

Banksea Finance Just now·2 min read ⬇️ Welcome to participate in Banksea $KSE airdrop! Banksea Airdrop rules: Perform the task via 👉 1️⃣ Follow Banksea on Twitter ( ) and Retweet pinned post & tag 3 friends. 2️⃣ Join Banksea on Telegram group ( ) and News channel ( ). 3️⃣ Submit your Solana-SOL … Read more

Banksea Community Contest

Banksea Finance Just now·2 min read Dear Banksea lovers, We’re thrilled to see that more and more new faces can be found on Banksea’s platforms. As Banksea aims to bring our users the best experiences, we would like to present our “Community events” series. There are various categories of activities for you to choose from. … Read more

Banksea Limited Edition NFTs Pre-sale & Airdrop

Banksea Finance Nov 25·2 min read Hi Banksea Lovers, To celebrate Banksea IDO next month, we are delighted to announce that Banksea’s Limited Edition (LE) NFTs is coming to town. We will launch Pre-sale events from 26th Nov to 24th Dec. 🥳 The LE NFTs Pre-sale will be available for only Roles Holders in Discord … Read more

Banksea Finance is Coming to Moonbeam

Banksea Finance Nov 17·2 min read Banksea Finance announces integration with Moonbeam, the Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on Polkadot. This integration will give Moonbeam users access to an NFT valuation mechanism based on AI technology, that provides an NFT pool-based lending solution. Banksea’s integration with Moonbeam will be a multi-chain deployment milestone, the Banksea team … Read more

Banksea Finance —Winner in IGNITION Solana Global Hackathon

Banksea Finance Nov 3·2 min read Banksea Finance — Winner in IGNITION Solana Global Hackathon It is delightful to announce another milestone of Banksea Finance as one of the winners for the just concluded IGNITION Solana Global Hackathon. The hackathon has 500+ project participants and 21 winners, while Banksea wins fifth place in the NFT … Read more

Banksea Decentralized AI Oracle and its Economic Model

Banksea Finance Oct 22·8 min read Overview Up until now, the global demand for NFT has continued to increase. However, the lack of an on-chain platform that can accurately evaluate NFT has led to a disconnection between the NFT market and the entire Defi ecosystem. So, a decentralized oracle that directly connects to the off-chain … Read more

Questions about Banksea AI Oracle

Banksea Finance Oct 19·3 min read 1. How to prevent AI algorithms from being maliciously manipulated and attacked? Any NFT trading market has a large number of fake orders,which If not be eliminated, could easily cause price manipulation. There are indeed a large number of fake orders in the NFT market, to prevent malicious manipulation … Read more