Band Oracle is Live on SiennaLend!

1 What is SiennaLend? SiennaLend, powered by Sienna Network, is the world’s first private lending protocol and also the first protocol to enable private and permissionless Bitcoin and Monero lending. Allowing users access to private lending means that users will be able to gain higher privacy and data security than within the current DeFi space. … Read more

AVAXUSDT Perpetual Futures Now on Deri Protocol

We’re excited to announce that AVAX perpetual futures is open for trading in Deri Protocol on BNB Chain. Trade: Perpetual Futures Specs Symbol: AVAXUSDT Base token: $BUSD, $USDC, $USDT, $XVS, $BNB, $BTCB, $ETH, $LTC, $SXP, $XRP, $DOT, $LINK, $DAI, $ADA, $CAKE, $TUSD, $TRX, $MATIC Min.Trade Unit (Notional): 0.01 Initial Margin Ratio: 10% Maintenance Margin Ratio: 5% Transaction Fee: 0.2% About … Read more

Icy.Tools & QuickNode Joining Forces

nft Our mission at QuickNode is to empower builders and companies to create high-quality web3 applications through our reliable infrastructure, powerful APIs and suite of seamless developer tools. Over the past two years, we’ve helped numerous customers like OpenSea, Twitter, Adobe, Rarible and G2 ESports build successful businesses around NFTs, and we’ve come to see … Read more