Aquafarm Rotation #13: Jan 27th — Feb 10th

Orca Just now·3 min read This week we have a couple new Double-Dip pools, 5 new Standard Pools, and a fresh ORCA Aquafarm. Aquafarm Rotation #13 Duration: Thursday, January 27, 2022 — Thursday, February 10, 2022 Total Emissions: 300K ORCA per week (rewards begin on 1/27 at 20:00 UTC) Events: AMA with NINJA on 1/26 … Read more

Insights on the future of Orca: an AMA with the co-founders

Highlights from Ori and Yutaro’s recent AMA with the Orcanautical Community! The following is a highlighted summary of the recent AMA with Orca co-founders Ori and Yutaro on 22 January 2022, featuring notable questions and answers.To watch a recording of the AMA, tune in to our Youtube channel here. Access to this AMA was gated … Read more

Aquafarm Rotation #12: Jan 13th — Jan 27th

Orca Just now·3 min read This week we have 7 new Double-Dip pools, 3 new Standard Pools, and fresh ORCA Aquafarms. Aquafarm Rotation #12 Duration: Thursday, January 13, 2022 — Thursday, January 27, 2022 Total Emissions: 300K ORCA per week (rewards begin on 1/13 at 20:00 UTC) Events: AMA with Allbridge on 1/12 at 15:00 … Read more

Over 16K ZKS Tokens Burnt in December

ZKSpace Jan 7 · 1 min read Hi, swappers! We’ve just completed the ninth token burn scheme on January 7th, 2022, with a total of 16,555 ZKS burnt in the last month. According to the ZKSwap economic whitepaper, 0.3% of all Layer2 swap transactions are charged as the transaction fee, of which 0.05% will be … Read more

A Comparison of Layer2 Solutions and Products: Optimistic-Rollups, ZK-Rollups, ZKSpace, and More

ZKSpace Jan 4 · 11 min read Citing data by L2Beat, there are only the following 7 of all Layer2 networks having their TVL exceeding 100 million US dollars. Among them, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Boba Network adopted the Optimistic-Rollups technology, and dYdX, Loopring, and ZKSwap chose the ZK-Rollups technology. Since the debut of the ZKSwap … Read more

ZKSpace User Interface: What’s New? (I)

ZKSpace Dec 28 · 3 min read As part of a massive product and brand overhaul, we announced the launch of the new comprehensive ZKSpace platform on December 20th. The platform is comprised of three main parts: ZKSwap, ZKSquare, and ZKSea, with an all-new-look user interface, NFT support, unlimited token listing, smoother withdrawal, optimized efficiency, … Read more

[12.20–12.24] ZKSwap Weekly Dev & Operational Report

ZKSpace Dec 24 · 2 min read Hey Astronauts, As ZKSpace is fully alive, you’ll be able to experience full-featured Layer2 protocols including DEX, NFT minting and trading and payment transactions over layer2. In the meantime, please note that, ZKSwap V1 will completely shut down at 7:00 UTC on December 31, 2021. The team urges … Read more

Announcing Winners of ZKSwap V3 Testnet X’mas NFT Creators

ZKSpace Dec 22 · 2 min read To celebrate the v3.0 testnet upgrade and the upcoming Christmas, ZKSpace team launched a Christmas-themed NFT campaign on 6 December, over 1,000 users participated in this campaign and we selected 10 of the best NFTs, each of which will be awarded.You can Click here to see more details … Read more

ZKSpace Reveals 5,000 Winners of ZKS x CMC Airdrop, Distributing 150K ZKS Rewards

ZKSpace Dec 21 · 2 min read Before the launch of ZKSpace and ZKSwap V3, we held a series of operational activities on our official social media channels. From Dec 8, 2021 to Dec 15, 2021, we partnered with CoinMarketCap to airdrop 150,000 ZKS (more than $60,000) to the community. Today, we are so excited … Read more