SolSea Launches Pre-Market for NFT Collections and Restricts Trade of Unverified NFTs

ALL.ART Protocol Just now·3 min read One of the biggest pain-points when launching an NFT collection is trade on a secondary market while minting (primary sale) is still ongoing. It endangers the mint itself and jeopardizes the value of NFTs yet to be minted. It has become clear that this is one of the biggest … Read more

Full-Featured Layer2 Protocol ZKSpace Bolsters User Safeguards with $1 Million Fund

ZKSpace Dec 23 · 2 min read ZKSpace teams with blockchain security firms Tidal Finance under “Fund Shield,” which provides a flexible coverage plan worth $1 million TVL, covering smart contract risk with vetted auditing from Certik, slowmist and ABDK ZKSwap, the Layer2 DEX sub brand under ZKSpaceumbrella announced today that it has launched Fund … Read more


ALL.ART Protocol Just now·3 min read The ALL.ART IDO NFT collection is a unique NFT drop for all participants of ALL.ART’s IDO on December 21, 2021. Holders of NFTs from the CIRCLE collection will have access to ALL.ART’s metaverse and exclusive powers in exploring the world of NFTs. All IDO participants will receive a single … Read more

Le Cougar Clique: An Overview

Cyclos Just now·4 min read Under the hood of these crafty cats, incentive mechanisms are at play designed so that Cougar holders become stakeholders in the Cyclos ecosystem. Cougarnomics at play tl:dr · 10,000 Cougars are available for mint on December 9th, 12PM UTC (the mint link will be on Twitter and Discord at 12PM … Read more

Le Cougar Clique Mint Guide

Cyclos Just now·3 min read Dear Cougars! The moment you’ve been waiting for is almost upon us! On the December 9th, at 12pm UTC, the public mint for Le Cougar Clique will begin! You can take part in the mint in 3 easy steps: Step 1: Load your SPL wallet with $SOL To take part … Read more

NFTs Part 3: What Does the Future Look Like?

You may be forgiven for thinking the hype around NFTs is just another bubble that’s about to pop any time. After all, the most successful projects so far have been the so-called PFPs (profile pictures), the likes of Bored Ape, CryptoPunks, and Sup Ducks. In this post, we look at NFT uses that have a … Read more

Breaking through the “Metaverse Island’’-REALY Constructs a Metaverse Product in a “Hyper-real’’…

REALY REAL 1 day ago·11 min read In the definition of “Metaverse”, there are different understandings and interpretations about Metaverse. “Metaverse” technology is still in the early stage, people are still finding the way to comprehend every part of it. However, linking up with the virtual world and the real world may be the final … Read more

ZKSwap Giving Away 50,000 ZKS to V3 Testnet Users

ZKSwap Dec 2 · 3 min read To celebrate the incoming ZKSwap v3.0 testnet upgrade with all new-look App interface, NFT support, optimized efficiency, and multi-chain support, the team will be giving away 50,000 ZKS tokens. Users who try out the new platform when it launches on the Ethereum testnet at 7 AM December 1st, … Read more

A Complete Guide to ZKNFT Testnet

ZKSwap Dec 2 · 1 min read Hi Swappers, As we depicted in the recent released ZKSwap Roadmap, we’ve promised you NFT features on Layer2 based on ZK-Rollup technology. By incorporating ZK roll-ups into our layer 2 NFT network, you will be able to transact in real-time with little-to-no gas fees. The ZKNFT testnet is … Read more

BLOCK token sale — everything you need to know

blockasset 1 day ago·7 min read Intro The BLOCK token is the native Blockasset ecosystem token and will officially launch on December 9 2021. This article will outline everything you need to know about the token and the token launch. Token Utility Token Metrics & Vesting Roadmap Ecosystem Features Investors & Advisors TBA; check out … Read more