Are Terra developers migrating to AVAX, SOL, MATIC & ADA? The metrics say…

TerraUSD [UST] coming loose from its peg didn’t just drag down the price of the stablecoin, but led to LUNA’s market cap also diving and sent a shockwave of fear and anger through the communities participating in these projects. But it’s not just a question of price, as investors speculated that Terra developers would migrate … Read more

Lido on Polygon | Bug Bounty Terms

In collaboration with Shard Labs and Immunefi, we’re pleased to unveil our comprehensive bug bounty program for Lido on Polygon. Earn up to $2 million in bounties – with no KYC requirements – for helping us ensure the security of a cutting-edge liquid staking solution for Polygon. Get started on Lido On Polygon Working … Read more

Lido for Polygon

Phase 1 of Lido for Polygon is here. Get started on Today we’re pleased to bring you Lido for Polygon. Lido for Polygon, developed in collaboration with Shard Labs, is a liquid staking solution for MATIC. MATIC holders can now seamlessly earn staking rewards on their tokens without the need for complex infrastructure or … Read more

VarenX is now live on Polygon

Ren Community · Follow Feb 25 · 3 min read Gasless Cross-chain swaps with VarenX on Polygon! Excited to see VarenX, the cross-chain swapping application powered by Ren is now deployed on Polygon, with free gas! Start swapping with free gas on Polygon: VarenX was launched on Ethereum a little over a month ago … Read more

How To Transfer Funds From Polygon to BSC

Router Protocol Just now·4 min read Navigating the multi-chain ecosystem can be difficult for those just getting started in DeFi. This article aims to simplify the process into easy-to-follow steps. Thanks to the Router protocol, users can seamlessly move funds from Polygon to BSC at a very low cost. Let’s get started and see Router … Read more

Polygon co-founder responds to ‘Solana v. Polygon for smart contracts’ debate

How much of a role does heavyweight marketing play in a decentralized crypto-system? Well, according to Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal, it could be a lot. Poly want a contest? In December 2021, crypto-analyst Spencer Noon opined that while Web3 enthusiasts might consider Solana to be the second-most used smart contracts platform, the ‘daily active users’ … Read more

Extra Staking Incentivization: Week 3

Allbridge ·Just now We are entering into Week 3 of extra staking incentivization. Over the course of this week, 800 ABR will be split between all of the staking pools daily. Go to Allbridge Staking to benefit from extra rewards! Buyback transactions Last week’s bridge fees have been converted into rewards and added to the … Read more

O3 Swap 4th Community Airdrop Announcement

Sophy | O3Labs Nov 30 · 1 min read Dear O3ers💚, We are thrilled to announce O3 Swap now supports 11 chains and provides fast and secure cross-chain trades for users in a completely decentralized way. Now, we are also about to issue the fourth batch of community airdrops on Polygon, Arbitrum, OEC, and Avalanche … Read more

Diving into Week 2 of the Extra Staking Incentivization

Allbridge 2 days ago·2 min read The second week of the extra staking incentivization has begun! As of today, 900 ABR will be added daily to the staking reward pool, split between every chain. You may visit Allbridge Staking to get your share of the pie. More pools — more rewards In addition, we’ve launched … Read more