The $SLRS Burn

Last week, we announced our new SLRS buy-and-burn program. All fee-generating Solrise products — currently Solrise, Solflare, and our institutional DEX Pulse — will put those fees towards buying and burning $SLRS on a regular basis So far, we’ve already delivered one major buy-and-burn, having started with a 370,000 $SLRS burn last week. Curious about … Read more

SolSea Launches Pre-Market for NFT Collections and Restricts Trade of Unverified NFTs

ALL.ART Protocol Just now·3 min read One of the biggest pain-points when launching an NFT collection is trade on a secondary market while minting (primary sale) is still ongoing. It endangers the mint itself and jeopardizes the value of NFTs yet to be minted. It has become clear that this is one of the biggest … Read more

Trading competition!

Anas Jan 18 · 3 min read Sponsored by Mango🥭DAO Investin is hosting this season’s biggest trading competition on Solana, with prizes including pool money worth $100,000, Limited edition NFTs and a Mango Cap. Inviting all traders to establish verifiable provenance of profitability on Solana blockchain! With the aim to onboard traders who wish to … Read more

Personalise your Funds… NFTS!?

Anas Dec 29 · 2 min read there is an airdrop!! Every fund on Investin represents its own community that is managed by the fund manager and to empower our fund managers we have added multiple ways to personalise every fund. NFT integration Fund managers holding NFTs in their wallets can use them as their … Read more

A Quick Start Guide: Borrowing Assets Against Lp Tokens

ProjectLarix Just now·3 min read Take RAY-SOL’s LP as an example: If you already have SOL and RAY in your wallet, you can skip the “Swap” part and jump directly to adding liquidity (Step 3). Visit, enter the value and token you want to exchange. For example, I want to exchange SOL for some … Read more

How to maximize your Raydium LP yields?

ProjectLarix Just now·4 min read Hello! Fellow DeFi farmers! If this title intrigued you, the guess is that you probably have some Raydium LPs lying around in your wallet address. But did you know, your LPs could actually generate profit for you instead of lying idle? Worried you are not getting every penny you deserve? … Read more

Mango V3 integration!

Anas Dec 23 · 2 min read After successfully supporting margin trading on Mango V2 with a cumulative volume of $2mill+ traded on V2, we are excited to announce Mango V3 integration on Investin. Mango markets is Solana’s premier DEX for all things lending, borrowing and trading on-chain perps — now available to Investin fund … Read more

SonarWatch Monthly update 12.21

Sonar Watch Just now·4 min read One month after the launch of the V2 and the introduction of the PRO plan, we’ve learned a few things, improved many, and planned a lot for 2022. SonarWatch V2 : success ! We knew that this new version would change the quality of our product in many ways … Read more

Building a new brand to represent what Marinade is all about

elli Dec 22 · Unlisted In the coming weeks, we’re launching our new brand that represents our warm, strong and diversified community. You might have already seen bits and pieces of it here and there, in our Twitter announcements, as stickers in our Discord, or in other places of the Marinade universe. As you read … Read more

Redefining NFT Collections: The Race to Decentralization

Burnt Banksy Nov 17 · 4 min read In reference to: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) reached new levels of adoption and activity in 2021 with blue-chip enterprises, crypto enthusiasts, and the mainstream public all increased their level of exposure and interest in the space. The surge in interest spurred rapid innovation but such fast-paced innovation, … Read more