ImpactNFT Alliance Leads Fight for Social Justice & Environment with NFTs

SolChicks Just now·7 min read SolChicks is a supporter of ImpactNFT Alliance. James Trower, Marketing Lead at SolChicks was a panelist for the ImpactNFT Connect+ event discussing the new paradigms that NFTs present. Dear SolChicksFam! My name is James, I’m the Marketing Lead at SolChicks! Let me start with a story. In August 2021 the … Read more

SolChicks Partners with Rainmaker Games on P2E

SolChicks Just now·2 min read Dear SolChicks Fam, We are excited to announce the partnership between the global gaming platform, Rainmaker Games and the latest P2E gaming portal, SolChicks. Rainmaker Games is a free platform for blockchain-based games that allows users to play hundreds of P2E games and connect gamers, guilds and developers worldwide. Rainmaker … Read more

Strategic Investment in SolChicks — Kucoin Labs

SolChicks Just now·2 min read Dear SolChicks community, We are delighted to present our partnership with KuCoin Labs, a US$100 million venture capital fund launched by KuCoin for the empowerment of early-stage entrepreneurs in the metaverse space. KuCoin is the sixth largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume, and is driven by the … Read more

Introducing GD10 Ventures as a Strategic Investors at SolChicks

SolChicks Just now·2 min read Dear SolChicks Community, We are delighted to officially welcome GD10 Ventures, a highly respected blockchain venture capital firm. They are well known for their experiences in GameFi and have invested in some of the most successful blockchain gaming projects to date including Star Atlas, Bit.Country, Project Seed, ChainGuardians, Sidus NFT … Read more

Blocore | Strategic Investment in SolChicks

SolChicks Just now·2 min read Dear SolChicks Community, Solchicks is proud to announce that we have partnered with Blocore as our newest investment partner. Blocore is a multi asset investment firm which seeks opportunities in the blockchain, AI technology and non-traditional asset classes and designs them as funds as part of their unorthodox approach to … Read more

SolChicks Tokenomics Explained

SolChicks Just now·3 min read Hey SolChicks Family! We got a lot of questions about our $CHICKS tokens! In anticipation for our TGE unlock on December 12, we are going to break down the basics of our tokenomics (including token utility, token distribution) and much more! Token Utility $CHICKS is designed to be a slow-emitting, … Read more

The ultimate guide (for noobs!) to buying $CHICKS on Raydium

SolChicks Just now·3 min read Be the one to get in FIRST! Our $CHICKS coins will be listed on Raydium, our DEX partner, starting from 6th December, 2021. As long as you have sol in your sol wallet, you will be eligible to swap on Raydium for $CHICKS! DEX (decentralized exchanges) might be new to … Read more

SolChicks — IDO Timeline & Contribution Guide

Solster Just now·8 min read We’re thrilled to announce that SolChicks IDO will be available at on Friday, 26th November at 7:30 AM UTC. SolChicks is the fastest growing play-2-earn game built on the Solana blockchain. In short, the thesis is to recreate (not build from scratch) an MMORPG / MOBA game with real … Read more