Coin98 integrates with Conflux Network to facilitate the secure transfer of assets and value

Coin98 Wallet Coin98, the #1 crypto super app partners with Conflux Network – one of the most promising eco-systems building a truly sustainable infrastructure for the global crypto economy. As a leading decentralized application in the market that always prioritizes quality and security, since its foundation, Coin98 has partnered with numerous innovative projects and protocols … Read more

What Forms the Price of Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets, whose price is known to suddenly and dramatically fluctuate. The most popular cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) can have a price swing of several percent within a single day, but many less popular tokens can have a price change of several tens of percent within a short … Read more

Coin98 integrates Switchboard – a community curated oracle network on Solana

Partnership Coin98 – a leading All-In-One DeFi platform has utilized Switchboard, a community-driven, decentralized oracle network built on Solana to enhance and stabilize the price accuracy of the native token (C98). Switchboard is a new approach to oracle solutions focusing on decentralization and community curation. Switchboard allows builders to unlock the power of Solana by … Read more

What to Do With NFTs After Buying Them?

The NFT market is on a constant rise during the last few years and millions of crypto enthusiasts are looking for an opportunity to get hold of top quality, trending NFT assets. Uniqueness is a key selling point of NFTs, because the fact that each NFT is one of a kind, unlike any other on … Read more

MathWallet Newsletter 2022.01.21

Welcome to the MathWallet Newsletter (2022.01.21) Join us: Crypto community can check our latest news, including developing dynamic, community activities, external cooperation, ecosystem updates, etc. If you’re interested in learning more about MathWallet, please follow our Twitter, Medium and Discord accounts. MathWallet launched MathDAO, a $50 million Web3 Venture Capital fund launched by MathWallet, … Read more

Annual Report 2021 – O3 Labs

Caroline | O3 Wallet Jan 21 · 4 min read It has been a very eventful year for O3 Labs. Our first product, O3 Wallet, was the product that got us started in the crypto community in 2017 and it was updated extensively based upon the release of our cross-chain trading protocol, O3 Swap. O3 … Read more

Slope x SolarDex AMA Recap

Slope Finance Just now·4 min read Slope Finance was delighted to invite SolarDex Coo John to talk about SolarDex at Slope Finance Telegram Community. Section 1: Introduction Hello, Slope community! My name is John, I’m the COO of Solar Dex. My background is in online business management and financial management. I have been an investor … Read more

Slope Finance Spree — Stake $RAY to share 5000 USDC

Slope Finance Just now·2 min read Entering 2022, Slope is going to cooperate with Solana-centric projects to strengthen the connection among each other in terms of marketing, branding, and operations. We believe that having cooperation with these quality dApps can be instrumental in accelerating our market development, and also bringing more development dividends to Slope’s … Read more

Slope x StepN AMA Recap

Slope Finance Just now·6 min read On Jan 18th, Slope Finance was glad to invite StepN Co-Founder Yawn Rong share how to move to earn in Slope Finance Telegram Community: Part 1️⃣: A brief introduction about StepN and Yawn (Guest) STEPN is a Web3 running app with fun social elements and gamification design. Users equipped … Read more

A Complete Guide to the SafePal Discord Server

Founded in 2015, Discord is a means for people to easily communicate together. People can create a server for their friends or community – a place where you can talk, hang out, and have fun. And a server looks like this:  You can join or create servers for all kinds of communities. Since last December, … Read more