Introducing BTCUSD-40000-C, BTCUSD-30000-P, BTCUSD-20000-P, and BTCUSD-100000-C on Deri Protocol

We are excited to announce that 4 BTCUSD Everlasting Options strikes are now live at Deri Protocol’s everlasting options. The new BTCUSD strikes are listed below: BTCUSD-40000-C BTCUSD-30000-P BTCUSD-20000-P BTCUSD-100000-C Trade Now! Specs 1. BTCUSD-40000-C Base token: BUSD、USDC、USDT、XVS、BNB、BTCB、ETH、LTC、SXP、XRP、DOT、LINK、DAI、ADA、CAKE、TUSD、TRX、MATIC Strike: 40000 Option Type: Call Min Trade Unit (Notional): 0.0001 BTC Initial Margin Ratio: 8% Maintenance Margin Ratio: 4% Transaction Fee: In-the-money: … Read more

Project SEED Partners with RankerDAO to Hype Gaming

Project SEED Just now·2 min read Project SEED is pleased to announce that we have entered a new partnership with RankerDAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that empowers the collective community of crypto adopters to gain access to the biggest trend of blockchain-based activities from various verticals. Currently owning 500+ gaming NFTs, RankerDAO has enabled … Read more

ALL.ART Partners With Darkblock to Bring Unlockable Content to SolSea NFT Marketplace

ALL.ART Protocol Just now·2 min read SolSea, a product of ALL.ART, will soon support unlockable content by implementing technology developed by Darkblock, a company that has built the only decentralized protocol for “unlockables”. Unlockable content refers to files that can be “unlocked” only by owners (holders) of particular NFTs and it is one of the … Read more

Saber launches Eversol eSOL-SOL pool on Solana!

eSOL-SOL. Live on Saber. Saber is excited to partner with Eversol to create the first eSOL-SOL pool, making staking on Solana liquid and accessible to all. Eversol eSOL is a stake pool for the Solana blockchain. eSOL lets you deposit SOL for eSOL tokens, which starts earning staking rewards right away. Your eSOL tokens can … Read more

Introducing the Vite Ecosystem Fund

To incentivize more projects to be built on the Vite ecosystem, Vite Labs foundation has set aside 70 million VITE as the Vite Ecosystem Fund. This fund will be utilized through programs such as Vuilder DAO, Hackathons, ViteX Gateway Incentive Plan, SBP DAO program, etc. These programs aim at introducing and empowering more builders to … Read more

Ankr Earn distributes first batch of rewards for liquid crowdloans

If you have been with Ankr for a while, you know we are deeply committed to the Polkadot ecosystem, providing innovative solutions for developers and stakers alike. We are proud to be pioneers in the Polkadot ecosystem creating Kusama Liquid Crowdloans in September 2021 and Polkadot Liquid Crowdloans in November 2021. We enabled thousands of … Read more

3 types of NFTs & how to value them

The NFT market has taken most of us by storm in 2021. I remember pitching my startup-Only1 to investors when simply uttering those three magical alphabets would have them leaning forward into their webcams. Now it seems NFT collections are being dropped every other hour with copy-and-paste artwork and roadmaps (I’d be lying to say … Read more

Insights on the future of Orca: an AMA with the co-founders

Highlights from Ori and Yutaro’s recent AMA with the Orcanautical Community! The following is a highlighted summary of the recent AMA with Orca co-founders Ori and Yutaro on 22 January 2022, featuring notable questions and answers.To watch a recording of the AMA, tune in to our Youtube channel here. Access to this AMA was gated … Read more

What Forms the Price of Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets, whose price is known to suddenly and dramatically fluctuate. The most popular cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) can have a price swing of several percent within a single day, but many less popular tokens can have a price change of several tens of percent within a short … Read more

OXS: Converging Real and Virtual Worlds with AFFYN

TL;DR To buy Affyn, A sustainable Real and Virtual world integrated P2E metaverse on Polygon: 1. Stake OXS before 28th January 2022, 0001 UTC. 2. Link BSC address using the BSC-Solana Link. 3. head over to the pool page to buy on the 28th January 2022, 1630UTC onwards. PLEASE NOTE TIER-2 AND TIER-3 UPDATED CONTRIBUTION … Read more