Announcing the Inaugural 2022 Oasis Content Games

Oasis Protocol Foundation Dec 27 · 4 min read In 2021, the Oasis Foundation announced our partnership with NFTb, one of the first NFT platforms to add cross-chain compatibility to their ecosystem. The Oasis Network will be the first blockchain NFTb expands to after the marketplace launched on Binance and provide a direct financial opportunity … Read more

Banksea Airdrop A Total Of 150,000 $KSE Tokens

Banksea Finance Just now·2 min read ⬇️ Welcome to participate in Banksea $KSE airdrop! Banksea Airdrop rules: Perform the task via 👉 1️⃣ Follow Banksea on Twitter ( ) and Retweet pinned post & tag 3 friends. 2️⃣ Join Banksea on Telegram group ( ) and News channel ( ). 3️⃣ Submit your Solana-SOL … Read more

ZKSpace Reveals 5,000 Winners of ZKS x CMC Airdrop, Distributing 150K ZKS Rewards

ZKSpace Dec 21 · 2 min read Before the launch of ZKSpace and ZKSwap V3, we held a series of operational activities on our official social media channels. From Dec 8, 2021 to Dec 15, 2021, we partnered with CoinMarketCap to airdrop 150,000 ZKS (more than $60,000) to the community. Today, we are so excited … Read more

Announcing The First $JET Airdrop

James Ryan Moreau Dec 16 · 4 min read TL;DR Snapshot has been already taken Airdrop coming in soon Governance platform coming soon You must claim airdrop within 90 days of platform launch Tokens will be automatically staked There will be staking rewards 30-day limit when unstaking You can also stake tokens that you have … Read more

ABR Airdrop Reminder

APYSwap Just now·1 min read An important reminder about the airdrop! Back on May 28, we’ve taken a snapshot of the APYS holders across all networks. Every 2 APYS held yielded 1 v6ABR vested tokens. After the initial cliff of 6 months, v6ABR tokens will start linearly unlocking over the period of 24 months. For … Read more

[Hot Airdrop] We’re Giving Away $60k to CMC Community

ZKSwap Dec 10 · 2 min read Hi ZKSwappers, ZKSwap is distributing 150,000 ZKS tokens among CMC community members (worth over $60,000) from 08:00, Dec 8th, 2021 to 08:00, Dec 15th, 2021 (UTC). And you’re eligible to quickly grab your share of this promising token for FREE. In case you’re wondering… ZKSwap is a promising … Read more

The Realy Metaverse DAO Ambassador Plan

REALY REAL Just now·4 min read The Realy Metaverse DAO Ambassador Plan There is no doubt that the first task of Realy Metaverse is to build a great DAO in the future. So we now announce The REALY Metaverse DAO Ambassador Plan. The best ideas always come from the people, but we don’t think these … Read more

Banksea Community Contest

Banksea Finance Just now·2 min read Dear Banksea lovers, We’re thrilled to see that more and more new faces can be found on Banksea’s platforms. As Banksea aims to bring our users the best experiences, we would like to present our “Community events” series. There are various categories of activities for you to choose from. … Read more