AVAXUSDT Perpetual Futures Now on Deri Protocol

We’re excited to announce that AVAX perpetual futures is open for trading in Deri Protocol on BNB Chain. Trade: https://deri.io/#/trade/futures/AVAXUSDT Perpetual Futures Specs Symbol: AVAXUSDT Base token: $BUSD, $USDC, $USDT, $XVS, $BNB, $BTCB, $ETH, $LTC, $SXP, $XRP, $DOT, $LINK, $DAI, $ADA, $CAKE, $TUSD, $TRX, $MATIC Min.Trade Unit (Notional): 0.01 Initial Margin Ratio: 10% Maintenance Margin Ratio: 5% Transaction Fee: 0.2% About … Read more

Avalanche & QuickNode: Powering and Scaling the Future of Crypto

AVAX The future of Avalanche is bright, and QuickNode is proud to support the network with our robust cloud infrastructure. May 9th, 2022 — QuickNode, the leading Web3 cloud platform for building blockchain-powered applications, today announces the expansion of its ecosystem with the launch of Avalanche support on its platform. QuickNode’s mission is to support … Read more

Avalanche [AVAX] investors don’t appear thrilled even with this announcement

Take a look at Ethereum and Solana and their failings in the last few days. Both platforms experienced performance problems last weekend. High demands for the sale of NFTs temporarily halted transactions on both platforms. Blockchain providers are locked in a fierce competition to outperform one another. Therefore, for efficiency, new implementations are constantly deployed. … Read more

CryptoPuffies: Avalanche’s Greatest NFT Collection

Penguin Finance Mar 16 · 4 min read The CryptoPuffies are amongst us! This is not only a cause for celebration but also an important moment for all of Avalanche. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at what makes CryptoPuffies the most desirable Avalanche NFT, as well as some updates we’ve recently … Read more

Router Protocol Integrates Avalanche Network to it’s Cross-Chain Protocol

Router Protocol Just now·4 min read At Router Protocol, our differentiation lies within our pillars of reliability. A testament to this bold declaration is our dedication to staying true to our publicly accessible roadmap. We recently launched our mainnet on 27th Jan 2022. To say that the community received this launch well would be a … Read more