Penguin Launchpad: Kassandra IDO Tiers & Guidelines

Penguin Finance Just now·3 min read This Monday, January 17th, will be very exciting for Penguins, as the registration phase for the Kassandra IDO goes live on the Penguin Launchpad. Whether you’re a new user or an OG Penguin, here are some guidelines to help you successfully participate in the Kassandra event. How can you … Read more

Penguin Finance Roadmap — Q1 2022

Penguin Finance Just now·4 min read On Q1 2022, we’re releasing: New IDOs on the Penguin Launchpad V2: Decentralized, fair, and private fundraising with no KYC. CryptoPuffies (NFTs): A family of cute, multi-utility furry creatures coming to Avalanche. CEX Listings: Significantly increase the accessibility, volume, and liquidity of PEFI. Emperor V2: Consistent. Play-to-earn. Avalanche Rush … Read more

Penguin Finance x BooFinance: Official Partnership Announcement

Penguin Finance Just now·2 min read Just in time for BooFinance’s launch, we’ll be joining forces with this innovative Avalanche dApp! Boo Finance is pioneering DeFi 3.0 with an exciting, gamified yield farming platform built for user competition. Users can earn rewards through the “Cauldron”, where you can stake your LP or single-asset, interest-bearing tokens. … Read more

Extra Staking Incentivization: Week 5

Allbridge ·Just now A new week, a new buyback. We are now in the Week 5 of extra staking incentivization. Throughout this week, 600 ABR will be added to the reward pool daily, split between all of the staking pools. We proceed with the established structure of completing the fee conversion on Solana. Please visit … Read more

Bridging POOF to Avalanche

Allbridge Just now·2 min read We are partnering up with to launch a new bridge from Celo to Avalanche! is a protocol for decentralized, private transactions on Celo. With the help of their token POOF, they make it simple to transfer funds without revealing your identity or your transaction history. Allbridge is thrilled … Read more

Penguin Launchpad: BinaryCat IDO Tiers & Guidelines

Penguin Finance Just now·4 min read These past few weeks have been very exciting for Penguin Finance users, as we’ve proven just how beneficial being a Penguin really is. By reviving the Penguin Launchpad and distributing Avalanche Rush AVAX incentives through the Igloos, PEFI has completely decoupled from the rest of the markets and has … Read more

Avalanche dethrones Terra, but here’s what may be next

Solana has been tough competition in the DeFi space, but Avalanche is looking to take it on soon. Previously, it only had Terra as a competitor since it was still far away from overtaking Solana. Interestingly, Avalanche might do that if it manages to maintain its growth on the charts. Avalanche in Decentralized Finance Curiously, … Read more

O3 Swap 4th Community Airdrop Announcement

Sophy | O3Labs Nov 30 · 1 min read Dear O3ers💚, We are thrilled to announce O3 Swap now supports 11 chains and provides fast and secure cross-chain trades for users in a completely decentralized way. Now, we are also about to issue the fourth batch of community airdrops on Polygon, Arbitrum, OEC, and Avalanche … Read more

BooFinance (BOOFI) will be featured on Penguin Finance’s Club Penguin dApp

Penguin Finance 4 days ago·2 min read We’re excited to announce that BooFinance— an upcoming, next-gen yield farming dApp exclusive to Avalanche — will offer tokens to the Penguin Finance community through the Club Penguin dApp. By creating an Iceberg in this platform, we’ll introduce an active & engaged user base to the $BOOFI token, … Read more

Penguin Finance x YetiSwap: Official Partnership Announcement

Penguin Finance 4 days ago·2 min read YetiSwap and Penguin are joining forces! YetiSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and NFT Marketplace that runs on Avalanche, featuring a native governance token called YTS that is fully community distributed and is capable of trading all tokens issued on Ethereum and Avalanche. As part of this partnership, … Read more