Assets favoring long BTC still far outweigh short BTC products, but problem is…

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a massive sell-off this week. Over $3.15 billion in the value passed in or out of exchanges, with a net bias towards inflows, which accounted for $1.60 billion (50.8%). In fact, this recorded the largest aggregate exchange-related volume peak since October last year. Like surprises? As cryptocurrencies continue to lose … Read more

Algorand: Can news of its launch of carbon offsetting protocol revive its price action

One of the most significant issues in the crypto world is the impact it has on the environment. The likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which run energy-intensive proof-of-work consensus system, tend to increase the criticism. However, to counter the same, there are chains such as Algorand as well that are coming up with ingenious methods … Read more

Bitcoin: Is there a case for ‘speculating’ on BTC’s fundamentals

The OG cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has been a source of sorrow for many in 2022. Since the beginning of the year, it has been stuck in a range, peaking at around $48,000. Back in November 2021 – cryptos were on a roll and it seemed like nothing could stop them. Then came the crash that wiped … Read more

How cryptos managed ‘value-based’ investor interest amid global FUD

Different headwinds across the globe have seriously affected digital assets directly or indirectly. These includes everything from inflation concerns, EU anti-crypto amendments to government bans. Whatever the reason be, investors want to reduce their exposure to risky assets. Want this, not that  This year, the price swings in January and February have led to investor … Read more

Amid stiff competition, Bitcoin outshines others to gather $97.8 million in inflows

In the past 24 hours, the total transaction volume of cryptocurrency had exceeded $100 billion. This marked an increase of 63.07% over the previous day. The total market value, at press time, is $2.12 trillion, a month-on-month increase of 4.75%. Such a bullish trigger incorporated an impressive institutional inflow across different digital assets. What a … Read more

New dream team? Solana, LUNA taking on Bitcoin and Ethereum in volumes 

As Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] revel in distant dreams of their long lost highs and struggle to break past their old resistance levels, is it possible that weary investors are looking towards more energetic alts instead? Here’s what the data said. The start of an alt spring? Santiment revealed that while Bitcoin and Ethereum … Read more