Introducing BTCUSD-40000-C, BTCUSD-30000-P, BTCUSD-20000-P, and BTCUSD-100000-C on Deri Protocol

We are excited to announce that 4 BTCUSD Everlasting Options strikes are now live at Deri Protocol’s everlasting options. The new BTCUSD strikes are listed below: BTCUSD-40000-C BTCUSD-30000-P BTCUSD-20000-P BTCUSD-100000-C Trade Now! Specs 1. BTCUSD-40000-C Base token: BUSD、USDC、USDT、XVS、BNB、BTCB、ETH、LTC、SXP、XRP、DOT、LINK、DAI、ADA、CAKE、TUSD、TRX、MATIC Strike: 40000 Option Type: Call Min Trade Unit (Notional): 0.0001 BTC Initial Margin Ratio: 8% Maintenance Margin Ratio: 4% Transaction Fee: In-the-money: … Read more

Introducing Deri Protocol Demo Trade

New users on Deri Protocol? Deri Protocol testnet is here! Demo Trade on Deri Protocol with demo assets to learn how to trade derivatives without risking real assets. How to use Deri Protocol Testnet on Binance Smart Chain Testnet? Connect to Binance Smart Chain Testnet 2. Obtain Testnet Token at “Faucet” Explore Deri Protocol now! For those who would … Read more

Deri Protocol Monthly Report for November

Highlights in November Deri is one of the winners of the Most Valuable Builder III Deri received an investment from Binance Smart Chain’s $1 Billion growth fund Deri is an official recipient of BSC Incentive Program The total trading volume on Deri Protocol passed $10 billion, while the 24H trading volume reached ATH ~826M More than 550k DERI tokens … Read more

Deri Protocol and My DeFi Pet Partner to kickstart the GameFi Integration

We are delighted to announce Deri Protocols’ partnership with My DeFi Pet, a virtual pet game, to lead the GameFi integration. DPET is a popular cryptocurrency for digital assets, which is why its integration into Deri Protocol will result in delivering the ever first DEPT derivative market of the DeFi space. Deri Protocol and My DeFi … Read more

Telegram AMA Recap on December 3th

On Friday, December 3th, we had a Telegram AMA. The following shows a recap of the questions with 0xAlpha’s answers. 0xAlpha: Hi my dear Deri fellows~ AMA time again! Hope you all doing well. Recently we’ve been very busy with the 2 upcoming milestones: new website & Deri V3. Also during this period, quite some … Read more


On Dec 2nd, 2021, community members raised their concerns about trading activities of “matched orders” on Deri Protocol: some paired addresses have carried improper matched-order trading to create a fake profit for some of the addresses in order to win the trading rewards. The Deri Protocol team then started to investigate this and found out that … Read more

Deri Protocol Partner Program

Community is the most valuable asset of the decentralized Deri Protocol network. For that reason, Deri Protocol is actively looking for passionate, creative, and inspiring members to contribute in an open, community-oriented environment. How to become a Deri Protocol Partner? The Deri Protocol Partner Program aims to ensure that any community member willing to contribute to … Read more

Bridging BSC Assets To Solana With Saber

Allbridge Nov 23·2 min read Allbridge is excited to enable more bridging options between Binance Smart Chain and Solana. We are launching USDT, USDC, BTCB, and WETH transfers in collaboration with our partners at Saber — the leading cross-chain AMM for pegged assets on Solana. We were very sorry to hear the recent announcement of … Read more

Telegram AMA Recap on November 19th

On Friday, November 19th, we had a Telegram AMA. The following shows a recap of the questions with 0xAlpha’s answers. 0xAlpha: Since the last AMA, we had some amazing milestones. The first Trade-to-Earn has completely super successfully. We had a great boost of trading volume! During Epoch1, people have traded 5.7B$ of futures and options … Read more

Announcing Delisting Trading Symbols iBSCDEFI, iGAME, MBOXUSDT, SANDUSDT

In order to provide traders with the steamiest trading symbols, Deri Protocol regularly reviews each trading symbol we listed to ensure that it remains among the most favored trading symbols in our community. If a symbol no longer meets this requirement, we conduct a more in-depth review and may delist it. After an in-depth review, we … Read more