Bug Bounty and Response to SPL Lending Vulnerability

Neodyme recently disclosed a vulnerability in the SPL token-lending library that Solend and others use, which caused an estimated $350M in TVL to be at risk. We’re thankful that Neodyme is made up of extremely talented and high integrity people, and are glad to compensate them for their work. Solend is teaming up with Tulip … Read more

ViteBridge 0.1 Bug Bounty Program

Joel Yang Dec 3 · 2 min read ViteBridge 0.1 is live on testnet! This is the first step to achieve our grand vision for a universal and decentralized cross-chain protocol. Before ViteBridge 0.1 goes on mainnet, we want to do our best to ensure security of the protocol. As part of this, we encourage … Read more

Announcing Marinade Bug Bounty

Marinade Finance Dec 1 · 2 min read Our Bug Bounty Program is officially launched! As you may know, Marinade has already undergone 3 audits and has always made security a top priority. Building on solid foundations and not rushing into things is critical when we’re talking about people’s money. We truly believe that to … Read more

Router Protocol Announces Bug Bounty In Cooperation with ImmuneFi

Router Protocol Aug 6·5 min read The Router Protocol team is proud to announce a massive bug bounty in cooperation with Immunefi — one of the leading teams of testing and securing web3 protocols in the world. The bounty, which is live as of today, rewards up to $200k for critical smart contract issues that … Read more