Aquafarm Rotation #13: Jan 27th — Feb 10th

Orca Just now·3 min read This week we have a couple new Double-Dip pools, 5 new Standard Pools, and a fresh ORCA Aquafarm. Aquafarm Rotation #13 Duration: Thursday, January 27, 2022 — Thursday, February 10, 2022 Total Emissions: 300K ORCA per week (rewards begin on 1/27 at 20:00 UTC) Events: AMA with NINJA on 1/26 … Read more

Solstarter | Synesis One Whitelisting Guide

Solstarter Just now·4 min read Hello Solstarter community! We are delighted to announce the Whitelist for Synesis One’s upcoming listing on Solstarter for $SNS is live now! The Whitelisting process for Synesis One is not based on FCFS (First-Come-First-Served) so don’t feel any need to rush through the process. An important disclaimer before you proceed. … Read more

3 types of NFTs & how to value them

The NFT market has taken most of us by storm in 2021. I remember pitching my startup-Only1 to investors when simply uttering those three magical alphabets would have them leaning forward into their webcams. Now it seems NFT collections are being dropped every other hour with copy-and-paste artwork and roadmaps (I’d be lying to say … Read more

Insights on the future of Orca: an AMA with the co-founders

Highlights from Ori and Yutaro’s recent AMA with the Orcanautical Community! The following is a highlighted summary of the recent AMA with Orca co-founders Ori and Yutaro on 22 January 2022, featuring notable questions and answers.To watch a recording of the AMA, tune in to our Youtube channel here. Access to this AMA was gated … Read more

What Forms the Price of Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets, whose price is known to suddenly and dramatically fluctuate. The most popular cryptos such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) can have a price swing of several percent within a single day, but many less popular tokens can have a price change of several tens of percent within a short … Read more

Wrapping Up the 2022 Oasis Content Games

Oasis Protocol Foundation Jan 20 · 6 min read The 2022 Oasis Content Games have come to a close! We were overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude for the number of participants that joined the inaugural Oasis Content Games. Over 54,000 people participated in the community contest and over 460 people created Oasis-themed art, videos, memes, … Read more

Solend Developer Portal

SDK, developer reward program, and grants up to 30K USDC! Today we’re unveiling the Solend Developer Portal! Head over to to get started. TL;DR Use the SDK to quickly integrate with Solend Earn 20% of reward fees as a developer for referring borrows to Solend Apply for the Solend Grant Program with grants ranging … Read more

Dawn II — How Recency Bias Impacts Us

Recency Bias — What is it? Recency bias is an explanation of how we are affected by more recent events than events that occurred further in the past. They dictate our decision-making because of an expectation that the immediate future is likely to be the same as the events that have just occurred. So an … Read more

Apricot Finance Refurbishes Token Emission Architecture & Utility

APRICOT FINANCE Just now·2 min read With a new year comes new exciting improvements to the Apricot Finance protocol, made in order to reinforce healthy economic incentives of the protocol’s future growth. The team is pleased to announce the refurbishment of Apricot’s platform emissions, both platform liquidity mining architecture and APT utility implementation. Updates to … Read more