AMM or Orderbook, that is the question!

The original text by 0xAlpha is reprinted on this page: Why DeFi must choose AMM rather than orderbook 0xAlpha There have been plenty of discussions on AMM v.s. orderbook, most of which focus on the technical parts: capital efficiency, price discovery, etc. However, few seem to have realized that the battle between AMM vs … Read more

Liquid Staking Explained: A Guide for the DeFi Curious

Why Ankr pioneered liquid staking, its role in recent market news, benefits, risks & more. By Kevin Dwyer of Ankr & Kadeem Clarke, The Crypto Illuminati Creator & Head of Labs at the Momentum 6 fund While recent market turbulence surrounding large entities such as Celsius and Three Arrows Capital has unsettled investors and shaken confidence in … Read more

Deri Discord AMA Recap on June 10th

On Friday, June 10th, Deri launched a Discord AMA with Deri’s co-founder, 0xAlpha. This AMA was especially valuable to Deri community because it included all issues of top concerns to the community in such a bear market.The AMA consisted of three parts: Part 1: Report Deri Protocol’s recent updates & improvementsPart 2: Answer all the accumulated … Read more

DERI.FI: Deri Ecosystem Portal

The Deri Protocol aims to enable a web 3.0 on-chain mechanism to exchange risk exposures precisely and capital-efficiently. The mission was initiated with the release of the Deri Protocol smart contracts, and is the first dApp on the protocol developed by the core team. Since the launch of “BET it”, the first community-developed dApp on … Read more

Deri Protocol Monthly Report for May 2022

Highlights in May Deri Protocol is live on Arbitrum mainnet to providing capital efficiency to derivatives traders with faster transactions, lower gas fees, and overall a better experience for our users BET it, the very first community-built project is live. Community Developers are welcome to build projects based on Deri Protocol. To privilege DERI token in long … Read more

The new burning mechanism of DERI token

Per the voting result of DIP4, the burning mechanism of DERI token will switch to the burn-to-deadlock mode. However, due to DERI token’s multi-chain nature, the implementation of the burn-to-deadlock mechanism cannot be just a simple transfer to a deadlock address. The tricky part is, while DERI is Ethereum-native, the protocol fees collected to burn … Read more