Web3 Projects, a 360-degree DAO accelerator is what you need to flourish!

xHashtag Jan 18 · 4 min read As a dynamic and fast-paced tech sphere, crypto projects are constantly evolving and innovating to stay relevant to the times. A crypto project can sustain only when it has a strong community backing and a solid treasury to support its activities. Both these need to be looked into, … Read more

Metaverse Duckpaper

Waves Tech Jan 13 · 10 min read Introduction Waves Ducks started as a game with creative rounds where players from the Waves community competed against each other and earned EGG tokens. The token had virtually no value other than the proof of merit among other players. Now, Waves Ducks is an economic game. There … Read more

Cubeing, Cedric, and each of you.

REALY REAL Just now·3 min read Cubeing With the development of art and the improvement of public aesthetic awareness, the public is seeing more and more works appear. In this process, artists are facing a new challenge: how to explain your work to the public? We have become accustomed to using rational knowledge to explain … Read more

If you know about Cédric Hervet, you will understand The Cubeing better.

REALY REAL Just now·3 min read Cédric was born in France and attended École Boulle where he studied sculpture. He met Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo and Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk while attending high school in Paris. As Daft Punk’s creative director, he has worked closely with Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo for more … Read more

Somnium Space Connect 2021, Creators FUND in 2022, Investments, $CUBE tokenomics and more!

Somnium Space Just now·7 min read Somnium Space is moving full speed ahead with building an Open & Immersive Metaverse; announced partnerships, updates and products during Somnium Connect Conference in Prague. On December 20th, the very first Somnium Connect conference was held in Prague, the stunningly beautiful capital of the Czech Republic. At Somnium Space, … Read more

TrustFi & PlayPad Announce A Strategic Partnership

TrustFi Network Just now·2 min read Dear community, we’re thrilled to announce our investment and partnership with FOTA, a AAA #Metaverse Gaming project which is under the Hybrid of MOBA-RPG and integrated with #MicrosoftMesh (MR) Technology. At TrustFi, we strive to align ourselves with companies that believe in our goal of helping projects achieve sustainable … Read more

Driving Traffic across the Solice Metaverse through xKiosks

xHashtag Dec 23 · 3 min read Today, xHashtag is happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Solice to bring xKiosks to the Solana metaverse. Soon, landowners and land builders on the Solice platform would be able to purchase or place xKiosks on their land, allowing them to earn royalties from tasks completed by other … Read more

Note to check: Christmas presents from Realy

REALY REAL Just now·2 min read Note to check: Christmas presents from Realy Christmas present from Realy Realy’s first drop will start at 8 AM UTC, 24th, December on (https://kooola.io/#/drop), thus both forms will be closed at 8 AM UTC, 23th, December. Only 16 hours left and we’ve got great news to announce: We Are … Read more


ALL.ART Protocol Just now·3 min read The ALL.ART IDO NFT collection is a unique NFT drop for all participants of ALL.ART’s IDO on December 21, 2021. Holders of NFTs from the CIRCLE collection will have access to ALL.ART’s metaverse and exclusive powers in exploring the world of NFTs. All IDO participants will receive a single … Read more

Introducing MetaRace: a 3D Game for your NFTs

Waves Tech Dec 16 · 3 min read The Waves Ducks metaverse presents an ambitious 3D project that aims to set a new benchmark in the global GameFi market. Meet the cybersports 3D race for your NFT characters! With the GameFi market booming, there have been many NFT-based gaming projects. However, while setting grand economic … Read more