Is the NFT hype fizzling out or is there something else at play here

Recently published report suggests a major downtrend in NFT sales. This led to calls of a worrying NFT market sentiment which are gradually being quashed after big performances recently. Nonfungible published a report talking about the NFT market performance during the Q1 of 2022. The report has raised many eyebrows after being published, indicating a depleting … Read more

A Year with Waves Ducks

Waves Tech Apr 8 · 4 min read Today is the day! Just a year ago, Waves Ducks was revealed to the public, which announced the start of our ducky journey. And what a ride it’s been, guys! From the fist ever EGG token drop to the Metaverse launch, we’ve managed to form the wildest … Read more

Asset Store: Claim priceless athlete experiences with your ASSET tokens

Blockasset · Follow Feb 22 · 3 min read OVERVIEW After launching our native token that fuels our ecosystem, we have now launched the ASSET token. ASSET is a reward token that benefits our community for staking their Legends NFTs. You will be able to exchange your ASSET for a number of incredible rewards, including: … Read more

BLOCK token & NFT staking

Blockasset · Follow Feb 15 · 6 min read The time has come, staking for BLOCK tokens and Legends (and Exiled Lomu!) NFTs is upon us. From 16 February 2022 evening GMT, BLOCK token holders will be able to lock up their BLOCK tokens on the Blockasset staking protocol and receive 30% APR on their … Read more

SolSea Launches Pre-Market for NFT Collections and Restricts Trade of Unverified NFTs

ALL.ART Protocol Just now·3 min read One of the biggest pain-points when launching an NFT collection is trade on a secondary market while minting (primary sale) is still ongoing. It endangers the mint itself and jeopardizes the value of NFTs yet to be minted. It has become clear that this is one of the biggest … Read more