Annual Report 2021 – O3 Labs

Caroline | O3 Wallet Jan 21 · 4 min read It has been a very eventful year for O3 Labs. Our first product, O3 Wallet, was the product that got us started in the crypto community in 2017 and it was updated extensively based upon the release of our cross-chain trading protocol, O3 Swap. O3 … Read more

O3 Labs Monthly Report: November 2021

Sophy | O3Labs Dec 3 · 3 min read November 22nd highlighted the whole month for O3 Labs. One day, five chains, and four mining events! Furthermore, we made important improvements on O3 Swap V2 based on the internal tests, and also a fresh O3 network website will be online soon for better user experiences. … Read more

O3 Labs Integrates with Feed

Caroline | O3 Wallet Nov 9 · 3 min read O3 Labs is working with to add their RSS feed to O3 Labs Price page. Now, users can access the updated $O3 token price and market information through the floating window on the O3 Labs homepage here., one of the largest cryptocurrency … Read more

O3Labs Monthly Report: October 2021

Sophy | O3Labs Nov 5 · 3 min read Happy November! It’s time for O3 Labs’ October Monthly Report, where the team offers insights on O3 Swap’s & O3 Wallet’s development updates and events over the past month. So What’s New? O3 Swap Supported Arbitrum Network Released our V1 Dashboard Completed development of partial V2 … Read more

O3 Swap Announcement: Jurassic Age Mining

Caroline | O3 Wallet Nov 4 · 1 min read With the upcoming launch of O3 Swap V2, V1 will officially enter the Jurassic Age Mining phase at 16:00 UTC on November 4, 2021. Moreover, the cross-chain O3 pool (in the Hub) will stop generating liquidity mining rewards after this phase begins. During Jurassic Age … Read more

HallO3ween Hackerpunks Bonanza

Caroline | O3 Wallet Oct 27 · 2 min read To celebrate Halloween with our awesome community, O3 is throwing caution to the wind and also throwing our very own HallO3ween HackerPunks Airdrop. What that means is 10 $O3 for the first 1,031 people to complete the tasks listed below. Total Bonanza pool: 10,310 O3🎃 … Read more

O3 Swap Ice Age Mining #5

Caroline | O3 Wallet Oct 14 · 2 min read 🌈Event Details O3 Swap will launch the Ice Age Mining #5 on Arbitrum network start from 4 AM, 15th October 2021 (UTC), supporting USDT cross-chain liquidity mining (ERC-20/BEP-20/Arbitrum) and O3 (Arbitrum) mining. Staked O3 is not available to unstake during the event: 1,700,000 Arbitrum blocks … Read more

Gateway to V2 — O3 HackerPunks (NFT)

Caroline | O3 Wallet Oct 10 · 3 min read O3 HackerPunks| First Winner The first batch of O3 HackerPunks NFTs for the Liquidity Provider Program will be rewarded to 657 eligible users on October 10th 2021. (Check the rules here) 🎉Congrats to the lucky winners and let us prepare to dive into O3 Swap … Read more

O3Labs Monthly Report: September 2021

Sophy | O3Labs Oct 9 · 2 min read There is something inherently refreshing about the start of a new month, but September demonstrated the energy and motivation to our team as we focused on the development of O3 Swap V2. Furthermore, the preparatory work for the HackerPunks NFTs, our Aribitrum launch, and the O3 … Read more