Where is OpenSea Solana in the NFT race? The truth is…

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Solana [SOL] is holding above $50 after the Terra debacle, but this could happen next 

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Terra [LUNA] to $100 – Why the last few $ won’t be easy going

At press time, Terra [LUNA] was the seventh-largest crypto by market cap. It was trading at $96.37, after rising by 8.86% in 24 hours and rallying by 6.28% over the past week. Why should this mean anything special to investors? Well, $96 is not too far from $100, which is an important psychological price. When … Read more

Robinhood’s new SOL-mate goes shopping in search of liquidity

A lot of cryptocurrencies might think they’re too cool for the centralized crowd, but a little mainstream acceptance can be nice, and four crypto assets discovered just that as they were listed on the trading platform Robinhood. These were Shiba Inu [SHIB], Solana [SOL], Polygon [MATIC], and Compound [COMP]. #ShibaInu, #Solana, #Polygon, & #Compound were … Read more

Don’t SOL yourself short with inflows of around $3.7M

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Solana [SOL]: Is its 34.5% rally enough to fend off possible flippening with LUNA

As another week draws to a close, it’s time to look beyond the one-day surges to identify the project which saw a sustained, high-profile rally over the last seven days. Answer? Among the top 20 cryptocurrencies, the top performer was Solana [SOL], the sixth-biggest coin by market cap. The thrilling thirties At press time, SOL … Read more

Solana gets its game face on, could it be ready to launch into the GameFi industry

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New dream team? Solana, LUNA taking on Bitcoin and Ethereum in volumes 

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Assessing Solana’s ‘historic run-up’ past $100

Solana, the eighth largest cryptocurrency by market cap broke past $100 for the first time and continued its rally above $115. At press time, the price of SOL was $118.35. Source: Trading View Reaching a three-digit price wasn’t the only reason to rejoice for the Solana community. Its NFT marketplace, Solanart also recorded a milestone … Read more