SOL [Solana] is the new ADA [Cardano]? Decoding the possibilities

Remember the good old times when Solana was the hot blockchain making headlines and promising to be the Ethereum killer? The days when SOL was one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. Times change and rather than maintain strong performance, SOL’s price action has lately been looking a lot like that of ADA. SOL delivered quite an … Read more

Where is OpenSea Solana in the NFT race? The truth is…

OpenSea has been hit hard by the latest round of turbulence in the market. However, some blockchains are evidently taking it harder than others. To be specific, it’s high time we took a look at Solana and what its NFT traders have been up to. In the merry month of May According to Dune Analytics, … Read more

Is Solana [SOL] NFT market in trouble? Here’s what you should definitely know

The crypto market has been reeling under bearish pressure for quite some time now. But a few altcoins have defied the current market structure. One such alt was Solana. In the last seven days, SOL was up by 16.06%. However, there still remain concerns related to some of its on-chain metrics. What’s up with Solana? … Read more

Monero [XMR], Solana [SOL], and their redemption journey post 16 May

Unlike Crypto OGs, newbies and paper hands in the crypto space are not familiar with the popular saying “with hardship comes ease”.  With FUD at an all-time high last week following crypto markets correction, the price of Bitcoin and several other altcoins plummeted. However, last weekend was marked with a retracement as most cryptocurrencies attempted … Read more

Solana [SOL] is holding above $50 after the Terra debacle, but this could happen next 

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Solana [SOL] token that has been dealing with some new crypto assets as market cap neighbors after Terra [LUNA] and TerraUSD [UST] crashed down the rankings. However, at press time, the eighth biggest crypto token by market cap was worth $54.50, after rallying by 3.53% in … Read more

SOL-mates might consider not giving up because here’s what awaiting Solana

As with the rest of the market, Solana fell terribly on 9 May and ended up reaching the same all-time high it was at in May 2021. However, the various ecosystem developments around Solana are trying to push the bearish narrative aside. Solana finds demand? Firstly, one of Solana’s biggest strengths, NFTs, received massive support … Read more

Solana sees biggest daily loss among top 10, but here is a reason for hope

The latest fashion trend in crypto is in and that’s why you’re seeing red stripes everywhere – vertical, not horizontal, mind you. As Bitcoin plunged by 8.43% in a day to reach its press time price of $36,369.84 and Ether dropped by 6.92% to trade at $2,737.81, other alts also slipped down the charts. One large … Read more

Solana: This report on latest outage could be a relief to SOL investors

Solana has finally released a report outlining the recent outage on 30 April and the steps that it is taking to strengthen its network. The report clarifies that the network disruption was not due to an external attack. If you are familiar with Solana’s history, then you know that the network has so far experienced … Read more

Solana: Despite poor performance on the charts, SOL continues to expand its reach

The persisting problem of the network outages on Solana has left investors annoyed and frustrated. Still, the larger impact this problem can have is completely overlooked at the moment.  Any chain that is prone to repeated network issues is bound to lose its investors, especially since many of the individuals using the network and the … Read more

Solana [SOL] suffered a loss in volume, should Binance be blamed

Solana, is an emerging Layer 1 blockchain designed to facilitate smart contracts and the creation of new decentralized applications (DApps). When looking at the top 10 ‘fastest developing assets’ by analyzing developer contributions and activity, Solana bagged second place. In addition, Solana in the NFT market space showcased a promising statistic as compared to the … Read more