Divided opinions over Solana’s viability as an ‘Ethereum killer’ amid repeated outages

Touted as the poster child of Ethereum killers during most of 2021, blockchain network Solana‘s reign has been increasingly infested with network outages and performance issues recently. It suffered one of its slowest bouts amidst the crypto market crash-induced network congestion last week, leading to failed transactions and suspended withdrawals on the network. Interestingly, Solana … Read more

Saber launches Eversol eSOL-SOL pool on Solana!

eSOL-SOL. Live on Saber. Saber is excited to partner with Eversol to create the first eSOL-SOL pool, making staking on Solana liquid and accessible to all. Eversol eSOL is a stake pool for the Solana blockchain. eSOL lets you deposit SOL for eSOL tokens, which starts earning staking rewards right away. Your eSOL tokens can … Read more

Unlike BTC and ETH, ‘investor favorite’ Solana registers another week of inflows

The cryptocurrency industry has had a rough beginning in 2022 as much of it has remained on a downward spiral for the past few weeks. Its global market cap was sitting at $2.1 trillion at the time of writing, having shed off over 3% of its valuation in the past day. Much of this can … Read more

BoA: Solana is primed to beat Ethereum and be the ‘Visa of digital asset ecosystem’

The Solana network’s shot in the spotlight might just be far from over as yet, especially now that the Bank of America has expressed future optimism for the top smart contract platform, even analogizing it as the “Visa of the digital asset ecosystem” after it managed to facilitate a large number of transactions over the … Read more

Polygon co-founder responds to ‘Solana v. Polygon for smart contracts’ debate

How much of a role does heavyweight marketing play in a decentralized crypto-system? Well, according to Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal, it could be a lot. Poly want a contest? In December 2021, crypto-analyst Spencer Noon opined that while Web3 enthusiasts might consider Solana to be the second-most used smart contracts platform, the ‘daily active users’ … Read more

New report reveals over 34,000 new developers entered crypto space in 2021

So much of crypto is focused on traders and investors that there’s sometimes a tendency to forget about those who make the many transactions possible – the developers. To that end, Maria Shen of Electric Capital released a report on developer activity in the past year, and the numbers are formidable. Coming on the Unchained podcast, … Read more

Active users vs addresses; questions over the apt metric to depict Phantom’s growth

All over the world, it’s time for the end-of-year growth reports or appraisals – and the crypto sector is no different. But when one wallet set out to record its own stats, there were several questions about the way it measured its data. Phantom of the Wallet The Solana wallet Phantom noted its public launch … Read more

Solana announces carbon neutrality for 2021; will it compete with Ripple’s XRPL

Green is in season, and no, it’s not just because of all the Christmas trees popping up around you. Many traditional and fintech investors are focusing on going green and want to support blockchains that are taking steps to be kinder to the planet. To that end, Solana made an impressive announcement. Green Lantern The … Read more

Saber Launches First Euro Stablecoin Pair with acEUR-agEUR Pool on Solana

Saber is excited to announce today that the first acEUR-ag-EUR pool is being launched on Solana thanks to our partners at Allbridge and Angle! acEUR is AllBridge Wrapped CEUR (Celo Euro) from the Celo Blockchain, and agEUR is the first liquid Euro stablecoin on-chain, issued by Angle Protocol. This marks the first time the Euro … Read more

As Solana ecosystem expands, co-founders tackle VC funding criticism

At press time, Solana was the fifth biggest blockchain by market cap, and changing hands at $180.84. The alt rose by 2.86% in 24 hours, but has also been seeing growth for the past week. In fact, it went up by 5.19% in seven days. It has been a busy time for the Solana community, which … Read more