Saber launches Eversol eSOL-SOL pool on Solana!

eSOL-SOL. Live on Saber. Saber is excited to partner with Eversol to create the first eSOL-SOL pool, making staking on Solana liquid and accessible to all. Eversol eSOL is a stake pool for the Solana blockchain. eSOL lets you deposit SOL for eSOL tokens, which starts earning staking rewards right away. Your eSOL tokens can … Read more

Insights on the future of Orca: an AMA with the co-founders

Highlights from Ori and Yutaro’s recent AMA with the Orcanautical Community! The following is a highlighted summary of the recent AMA with Orca co-founders Ori and Yutaro on 22 January 2022, featuring notable questions and answers.To watch a recording of the AMA, tune in to our Youtube channel here. Access to this AMA was gated … Read more

Marinade Kitchen Stories: January 21, 2022

The kitchen continues to grow with integrations of mSOL across Solana. Marinade also achieved the top spot in Solana TVL and is continuing to grow its team. Brandon Tucker Jan 21 · 6 min read It’s been an exciting and busy January in the kitchen, highlighted by a wave of partnership and integrations announced and … Read more

PSY Token listing on FTX and Gate!

Taylor Wall Jan 21 · 1 min read What a wonderful way to kick start the New Year! This week has been a filled with huge milestones for the entire PsyOptions community. The Initial Exchange Offering on both FTX and Gate was a huge success! The community rallied together to reach far beyond our target … Read more

Fair LP Token Oracles

Switchboard now offers fair LP token pricing oracles based on the work of Alpha Finance Lab! The Concern A liquidity pool is a collection of funds locked in a smart contract, used to facilitate decentralized trading, lending, and many more functions [1]. With DeFi we are able to deposit assets into an LP pool, receive … Read more

Leveraging Solana’s Scalability, and automating Token Distribution

Only1 Just now·4 min read Imagine this. You came up with a good blockchain startup idea, raised a few million dollars in VC funding through SAFTs (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens). You negotiate vesting schedules and token valuation. You don’t want liquidity to be released so quickly so you have a 36 months vesting period … Read more

NFT Giveaway with Solanium

Ratio Finance Just now·2 min read The team behind Ratio Finance is excited to announce our collaboration with our good friends Solanium, to reward our early community with a free NFT giveaway. Solanium is the premier launchpad for the most innovative projects in the Solana ecosystem. Ratio Finance will be partnering with Solanium to giveaway … Read more

Orca for Everyone, Part II: Diving into DeFi

Orca Just now·5 min read Your first voyage in Decentralized Finance: using a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Welcome back to Orca for Everyone! Back in Part I, we showed the basics of getting started in crypto — setting up an account with a centralized crypto exchange (a “CEX” like Coinbase or FTX), buying your first cryptocurrency … Read more

The Third Week Evaluation Standard of MatrixETF Community Ambassador Plan

MatrixETF Just now·3 min read This is the third week of MatrixETF Community Ambassador Plan(2022.1.10–2022.1.16), there have been more than 200 community users participating in and submitting Proof of Works. In the first week it was fine with users copying Memes, Tweets, Articles from MatrixETF social media such as Docs, Website, Medium and Twitter etc.. … Read more

Apricot Finance Refurbishes Token Emission Architecture & Utility

APRICOT FINANCE Just now·2 min read With a new year comes new exciting improvements to the Apricot Finance protocol, made in order to reinforce healthy economic incentives of the protocol’s future growth. The team is pleased to announce the refurbishment of Apricot’s platform emissions, both platform liquidity mining architecture and APT utility implementation. Updates to … Read more