Extra Staking Incentivization: Week 10

A new week of extra incentivization is here! Every day throughout this week, we will split the additional 100 ABR between the staking pools. We’ve also attached a block explorer link with fee conversion data: Transaction 1 A total of 15,269.53 ABR were added to Allbridge staking pools (excluding the extra incentives). Below you may … Read more

Extra Staking Incentivization: Week 9

Allbridge ·Just now We are entering into week 9 of the extra staking incentivization. Every day throughout this week, we will add 200 ABR and split them between all of the available staking pools. Last week’s bridge fees have been converted into staking rewards on Solana. Here are the transaction details: Transaction 1 Below you … Read more

MatrixETF Secondary Liquidity & Staking Mining Program

MatrixETF Just now·4 min read Since Nov. 22 2021, MatrixETF has started over the value of $400,000(around 5.5M MDF) Liquidity Mining Program on both Ethereum and Solana chains. We are thrilled to announce that until this week, Liquidity Mining Program has successfully ended. This program was focusing on motivating the users who provided liquidities for … Read more

Extra Staking Incentivization: Week 8

Allbridge ·Just now We are approaching the end of the extra incentivization program. Over the course of this week, 300 ABR will be split daily between all of our staking pools. As usual, last week’s fees have been converted on Solana. More details can be found using the following Solscan links: Transaction 1 Transaction 2 … Read more

Our first step in the long journey of interaction

Sonar Watch Just now·2 min read One of our main goal is to have direct interaction with protocols on SonarWatch, as we’ve explained in our last Monthly Update : SonarWatch Monthly update 12.21 One month after the launch of the V2 and the introduction of the PRO plan, we’ve learned a few things, improved many… … Read more

Extra Staking Incentivization: Week 7

Allbridge ·Just now Extra incentivization for ABR stakers continues into the first week of the new year. Every day throughout this week, 400 ABR will be added to the staking pools, shared between all of the available pools. Last week’s fees were once again converted into staking rewards on Solana, so here are the transaction … Read more

TrustFi Golden Pool for New Year is coming: Stake TFI earn TFI

TrustFi Network Just now·2 min read Dear Community, TrustFi Booster and TrustFi Farmer are close to the completion of development and have entered the process of audit. We look forward TrustFi booster, TrustFi Farmer and TrustFI Launchpad will bring more surprises to the community in 2022. To celebrate the new year, we are pleased to … Read more

Extra Staking Incentivization: Week 6

Allbridge ·Just now Happy holidays ABR stakers, the new incentivization recap is in! Last week, the number of staking pools was increased thanks to Aurora’s and Terra’s integration with Allbridge. In addition, we are halfway through with the extra incentivization program. Throughout this week, 500 ABR will be added to the pools daily, split between … Read more

EGG Dragon’s Syrup Pool on QuickSwap

Waves Tech Dec 26 · 2 min read Waves Ducks is joining the sweetest thing on QuickSwap! That’s right, EGG has been added to the QuickSwap Dragon’s Syrup pool and the rewards will be dripping to $dQUICK stakers over the coming weeks! By staking in the Dragon’s Syrup Pool, users will be able to earn … Read more