ViteBridge 0.1 Live on Testnet

Joel Yang Dec 3 · 2 min read ViteBridge is our grand vision for a universal and decentralized cross-chain protocol. Today, we are launching ViteBridge 0.1 on the Vite Testnet. This marks the first milestone of achieving that grand vision. Developing in phases, our plan is for each stage of ViteBridge to implement further decentralization … Read more

ViteBridge 0.1 Bug Bounty Program

Joel Yang Dec 3 · 2 min read ViteBridge 0.1 is live on testnet! This is the first step to achieve our grand vision for a universal and decentralized cross-chain protocol. Before ViteBridge 0.1 goes on mainnet, we want to do our best to ensure security of the protocol. As part of this, we encourage … Read more

ViteBridge 0.1 Testnet Tutorial

Joel Yang Dec 3 · 5 min read Summary ViteBridge 0.1 has been deployed on the Testnet, and it currently allows bridging between the Vite chain (“Vite”) and Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”). The following tutorial will show you how to move tokens between the Vite chain and BSC via ViteBridge. Note that both the Vite … Read more

Introduction of SAPs in the testnet

Sypool Protocol 1 day ago·3 min read Top Crypto Index Sypool’s Top Crypto Index is based on the top 5 crypto assets’ prices fed by Pyth. The weights are calculated by the circulating market cap on June 2, 2021 (our “hello world” twitter day). Now it is BTC(62.7%); ETH(27.7%); BNB(5.1%); DOGE(3.8%); SOL(0.7%). The weight adjustment … Read more

Router Protocol’s Enhanced Testnet is Now Live

Router Protocol 1 day ago·5 min read ​ The updated testnet is here! Router Protocol team is pleased to announce the release of our enhanced testnet. Based on the audited code by Halborn Security, the newest version of testnet supports transfers and swaps between Ethereum and Polygon. Currently, supported assets on the testnet include — … Read more

Final Round of Testnet with our new UI

Sypool Protocol 2 days ago·5 min read According to feedback from users of the previous testnet, the UI is not so satisfying, so we redesigned our UI. The last round of testnet trading competition will be held to test our new UI, all participants are welcomed to make suggestions. After testnet, mainnet will be launched … Read more

UPFI Network Full testnet guidelines

UPFI Network Oct 19·3 min read Our devnet is divided into 3 different stages. Now is the time for testnet stage 2&3! 1/ Stage 1–30/9 — Full back by testnet USDC, using testnet USDC and testnet UPFI to mint and redeem. 2/ Stage 2–11/10 — Using testnet UPFI and testnet USDC to farm testnet UPS … Read more

Some updates on Round 2

Sypool Protocol Sep 8·2 min read Testnet Fund Trading Competition Round 2 has started. Here are some precautions: 1. Quant SAP, Quant SAP-R1 and R2 are closed. 2. We will revise the calculation method of the return on SAP-R1 and SAP-R2. The formula will be updated in few days after the testing. APY=10%, D=14 Days, … Read more

Solster IDO Launchpad and Staking Testnet — Outline & Schedule

Solster Just now·3 min read We are delighted to announce the release of Solster Finance’s first DeFi product — Solster IDO for Solana projects, and subsequently the Staking platform. There is a good buzz in the community, and we will give our efforts to offer high-quality Defi products. We are appreciative of the support we’ve … Read more