The ultimate guide (for noobs!) to buying $CHICKS on Raydium

SolChicks Just now·3 min read Be the one to get in FIRST! Our $CHICKS coins will be listed on Raydium, our DEX partner, starting from 6th December, 2021. As long as you have sol in your sol wallet, you will be eligible to swap on Raydium for $CHICKS! DEX (decentralized exchanges) might be new to … Read more

Arweave storage is now natively available in Polygon

The Arweave Project Just now·2 min read Interoperability is an increasingly crucial topic within the blockchain space, as it expands the possible functionalities that blockchain networks can offer to their ecosystems once they are connected. Permanent and scalable storage on Arweave is one such functionality that other blockchains do not possess, but could unlock massive … Read more

Terra App Wallet User Guide

MathWallet Official ·May 14 The new version of MathWallet App has supported Terra public chain. Download MathWallet: users please download the Testflight version) You can create a new Terra wallet or import wallet by mnemonic phrases. Back up mnemonic phrases and store carefully. Then confirm to finish create wallet. Go back to the main page … Read more