A Guide To Public Goods for New Web3 Devs

All the open-source resources Web3 developers could dream of in one place. As we enter what we call a “builder’s market,” it’s important to provide access to all the tools developers will need to deliver new dApps (decentralized applications) and a transformed user experience for millions (and hopefully billions) of Web3 newcomers in the near future. Web3 … Read more

Ankr App Chains: The Future of Web3 Development

Hot on the heels of our recent article detailing exactly what application-specific blockchains are, Ankr is proud to announce our new “App Chains” product offering. Ankr’s App Chains are designed to help Web3 projects and dApps operate on a dedicated blockchain tailored to fit their exact needs and specifications — all without having to compete for resources … Read more

Meet Optimism, Our Newest RPC Partner on Ankr Protocol

Ankr is very excited to announce we are starting our 17th RPC partnership with Optimism! This is great news for Optimism as we will make their RPC layer incredibly strong with the ability to handle vast traffic loads. The partnership is also an amazing update for dApp developers looking to integrate capabilities for low-cost and … Read more

DERI.FI: Deri Ecosystem Portal

The Deri Protocol aims to enable a web 3.0 on-chain mechanism to exchange risk exposures precisely and capital-efficiently. The mission was initiated with the release of the Deri Protocol smart contracts, and https://deri.io is the first dApp on the protocol developed by the core team. Since the launch of “BET it”, the first community-developed dApp on … Read more

Become an Ankr Ambassador — Get Exclusive Perks!

Become an Ankr Ambassador — Get Exclusive Perks! Ankr is the fastest-growing Web3 infrastructure provider — become a part of our journey to the top! Read all about our new Ambassador program in this article. Amazing news for all Ankr community members — we have launched our Ambassador program for those who want to help spread Ankr’s message to the greater Web3 … Read more

Ankr & Pocket: A Decentralized Web3 Infrastructure Alliance

Ankr and Pocket Network are two of the biggest advocates for creating a decentralized node infrastructure for Web3. Our shared mission has brought us very close together in 2022 as we’ve explored new ways of combining forces that we’re excited to share with our communities. We are proud to announce our collaboration with Pocket in … Read more